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Why Hiring An Architect Is More Cost Effective Than You Think

Why Hiring An Architect Is More Cost Effective Than You Think

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Architecture is something that can impress and inspire us all. You may have looked at a famous structure, such as the Double Helix Bridge in Singapore, and been struck with a sense of awe, but never considered just how important a good architect could be to you. The Double Helix Bridge is a design by Cox Architecture, one of the most prolific Sydney architects. You may not be able to afford to hire this particular firm, but this does not mean that using the services of an architect is not for you.

Many people think of hiring an architect as an expense they cannot afford; a waste of their construction budget. But, working with an architect can actually be a valuable investment, which can save you money in the long term.

What does an architect do?

It helps if you have a full understanding of what an architect does. You may have a vague idea of an architect being someone who designs impressive and ornate structures and helps with the creation of million dollar homes.

In fact, the truth is far more practical than that. Architects train to place designs in a space, and they are fully licensed to do so. It’s not just about the aesthetic beauty of a building; although that can be important. Architects understand the functionality and flow of a structure, as well as the importance of safety. You can see how this is valuable knowledge, if you are building or renovating your own home. You may not realise this, but an architect can actually manage an entire project for you.

How hiring an architect can save you money

Let’s be honest, the services of an experienced architect do not come cheap. You can end up paying around 15% of the total construction cost of a home, for this service. The amount can be more if you hire an architect to manage the whole project. But, the expense is worthwhile.

  • You can have a home build, or renovation, specifically designed around your requirements. This means that you can make best use of space and reduce the size of the floor plan. This helps you save on the cost of construction and materials.
  • Architects know about cost effective construction methods and materials, so you get the best value for your investment.
  • Using this professional service means that you do not have to worry about building codes and regulations; the architect deals with them for you. These matters are dealt with during the design process, so you do not have to be concerned about any costly hold ups further down the line.
  • Using the right design and construction techniques, as well as the right materials, means that your home will need less repair and maintenance on an ongoing basis. It also means the property will be more energy efficient, which helps you to save money on bills.

Consider all of these points, and you can start to see why hiring an architect can be a cost effective thing to do. Of course, you also get the benefit of expert help with turning the dreams in your head into a practical and satisfying reality.

Have you used an architect? Are you considering an addition to your home?

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