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Here’s To The New Year

Here’s To The New Year

Quite frankly, 2017 was the most difficult year I have faced. It contained more challenges than I thought I could possibly cope with, but we made it and I have never been more grateful to see a new year.

This year will be different for us, as we have made some major decisions about our future, over our Christmas break. These decisions have been designed to lighten our load and to give some time back to ourselves.

The greatest lesson we learned last year, was that growth in a business is not always a good thing, and this year we give ourselves permission to not grow, to take a step back and to change our business structure.

This year will see the launch of a project I am most excited about. This new project is the culmination of my lifetime of experience and is a fantastic opportunity for me to do what I love best, help others.

The Builder’s Wife will continue as it is, however we will be introducing new products and opportunities to work with me. I can’t wait to work with you on a one to one basis.

For me personally, this year I am going to priorities myself. I have spent my adult life putting my family first, and while this will never change for me, this year I am going to also put myself first.

2018 will see me make time for me to do the things I have long promised myself, from reading to spending time with friends, this year will be a time for me to rediscover who I am.

I am not one for resolutions, instead as in previous years I create an inspiration board, a way for me to signal to myself and the Universe what it is I intend for my new year to hold. This year it is all about me time, and how I would like to spend it.

As we burst through our holiday time, with a renewed focus and energy, I am very excited about what this year will hold for myself and for our businesses.

Are you a forward planner or do you prefer to take it as it comes? Have you made an inspiration board?

Nicole xxx


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  1. Hi Nicole! Happy new year to you and your family. Great post about rethinking what is important and what we can do differently. You mentioned about not fucussing on growth, but you know, I believe you will definitely find growth happening by shifting your focus. It will just be a different kind of growth! Growing your business doesn’t have to look like “growth “ in terms of bigger….but it sounds like your intentions are going to bring you beautiful growth in other ways.
    I hear you about last year and the challenges that came with it. This year is already feeling very different! Looking forward to hearing more about your new adventures! X

    1. You are absolutely right Verona! That is our focus for this year, family and personal growth. I believe the businesses will then grow in their own ways following our new paths. I’m looking forward to continuing the positive start we have already had. I hope you 2018 is blessed with much love. xx

  2. I’m such a rebel, I don’t make resolutions or an inspiration board, I like to think that every day is a new beginning and an opportunity to do my best. I’m pleased you’re prioritising yourself because in the words of ‘The Help” “you is important” and in my words, you matter too! You know what they say about fitting your own oxygen mask first, right? Can’t wait to hear about your new ventures, and hope when you said spending more time with friends, you were thinking about dumplings with me ?

    1. It is a message that I forget about often, and tend to let myself starve helping everyone else fist. No more, now I am focusing on balancing the 2. I most certainly will be popping down for a visit and some dumplings!!! Can’t wait xx

  3. I love this Nicole. I can’t wait to hear all about your new project! Hope things are improving xoxo

    1. Thank you Cathy, hopefully big things ahead this year for us all xx

  4. I love this post.

    Yes growth is awesome but you don’t need to flog yourself doing so.
    Scaling and and self love are important.

    I had a fantastic 2017. I ditched all negativity early and worked hard on myself and family and business. It paid off I’m relaxed motivated an content.

    Have a fantastic remainder of the holidays. We don’t go back till the 15th

    1. Thanks Paige, I am certainly needing to spend more time on myself and my family. I love what we do for work, but it is just that, work. This year will see me following some of my passions as well. I have a speckled week back next week and then back fully also on the 15th. Enjoy your break!

  5. I love the positivity that is bursting out of this post and I can’t wait to see what you have planned! Your post would be an awesome fit for the link up I have each week on Mondays and next week’s is Word or Intention for 2018! Love Denyse xx

    1. Thank you Denyse, I’ll be sure to link up xxx

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