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Hack My Bill: 3 Simple Ways To Lower Energy Costs

Hack My Bill: 3 Simple Ways To Lower Energy Costs

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With energy prices at their highest levels in years, looking at the way electricity is used every day becomes key to keeping your bill under control. The truth is most average homes could be much more energy efficient, meaning that hundreds or thousands of dollars’ worth of electricity is wasted every year, and who wouldn’t prefer to have that in your own pocket? Even after comparing energy prices with Switchwise, there are a number of surprisingly simple ways renters and homeowners alike can minimize their energy costs.

Upgrade Your Bulbs

Old-fashioned light bulbs have been obsolete for years, but are still the most common form of lighting in most homes. LED bulbs have taken their place in energy conscious homes, offering 85% higher energy efficiency than standard bulbs, as well as lasting much longer than traditional old bulbs. Some LED lights, are manufactured to last up to 20 years! LED bulbs are more expensive to purchase, but when they are lasting so much longer, before needing to be replace, coupled with the reduced running costs, creates a far more efficient home.


Watch The Thermometer

Central air or heating can create an ideal temperature in your home, but that comfort often comes at a great expense. Keeping your home cool in Summer and warm in Winter typically accounts for more than half of the energy costs in a home that is equipped with the infrastructure. By simply turning down the power or temperature even slightly, can translate into enormous savings over time. another way to save on heating and cooling costs is to power the system down drastically or entirely when you are away from home, and a programmable thermostat can ensure that your home is always the right temperature for both you and your energy bill. We have a rule in our home, in Summer the air conditioner does not go on until the predicted temperature for the day is greater than 32, then it is set at 24 degrees and is started by 9am. This has really shown a reduction in our energy costs.

Minimize Passive Energy Charges

This has seen a huge change in our energy costs. Common household appliances such as computers, video game systems and other electronics can constantly sap energy while not in use and still powered on. It is said a larger size plasma flat screen TV can cost upward of $300 per year if left on. It really is simple to power these devices off when they are not in use. Simply pressing that button, can potentially save hundreds of dollars every year!


Though energy is expensive in Australia, wasted energy is even more so. The obvious way to lower your energy bill is to use your appliances less, but of course this is practical. Implementing these simple changes, can appreciably lower your monthly energy bill with little or no sacrifice.

How do you save on energy in your home? Do you have any energy saving tips to share?

Nicole xxx

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  1. I am so going to walk around our house tomorrow with the kids and teach them to turn everything off as I hate to think what we waste in money and electricity. Great tips hun xx

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