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A Guide To Managing The Summer Creepy Crawlies!

A Guide To Managing The Summer Creepy Crawlies!

This post has been written in collaboration with Dawsons Pest

Summer has arrived and the pests are out in force already and steadily growing in numbers, as is typical of this time of the year. Flies, wasps, termites, ants, and other creepy crawlies are a major frustration, because they make it harder to enjoy the warm weather.

Just as soon as it is hot enough to leave your windows open in the afternoon, along come the summer bugs. Fortunately, there are some simple pest control measures that you can use to keep them out of your home this season. With a few small changes, you can make it harder for them to get inside and make your environment less appealing to unwanted guests.

Install Fly Screens

Fly screens are very affordable and they can make a big difference to how comfortable your home feels in the summer. These simple mesh screens are affixed to the inside of window frames so that they can be pulled down when the window is open. Essentially, this means that you can leave your windows open when it’s hot, without worrying about letting in all kinds of flying insects.



Keep Shrubs Away From Windows

Similarly, if you insist on growing shrubs right below your windows, you’re inviting bees, flies, and wasps to come inside. Either get rid of bushes and plants right underneath openings or trim them back, so that it’s not as easy for pests to hop off flowers and onto the sill.


Dispose of Waste Properly

No matter what the season, you need to be dealing with waste (particularly food scraps) in a safe and hygienic manner. This means placing all organic waste either in a secure compost bin or in a regular rubbish bin with a sturdy lid. Otherwise, you may attract mice and rats. Eww!


Don’t Leave Food Out

In the summer, it is especially important that you store food correctly. Anything that you leave sitting out on the bench without a cover is a target for flies and ants. Insect proof cooling lids let food breathe and keep them protected, but pests will still be drawn by the smell. Wherever possible, store food out of sight and wipe crumbs and stains from the benches.


Sweep or Vac Floors Regularly

One very easy way of eliminating pests is to sweep or vac the floor every day or every other day. If you like to spend time in the garden, there’s always a small chance of picking up little bugs and creepy crawlies. Not a lot of people know that fleas can survive in long, dense grass. They don’t feed on humans but can piggyback their way into the home on loose clothing. Regular vacuuming is more than enough to eradicate stray bugs before they become a problem.


Remove Sources of Standing Water

Mosquitos absolutely adore bodies of stagnant standing water. If you don’t want them in your garden, get rid of anything that might attract them. This includes dirty ponds, poorly maintained fountains, grimy birdbaths, and any puddles caused by leaks or burst sprinkler components.


Call In the Professionals

If the worst does happen and you suspect that you may be dealing with a pest infestation (for example, a wasp nest or a termite mound), you need to call in the experts. The only way to ensure that the problem goes away for good is to treat it at its source and eliminate the breeding ground. With the help of a reliable pest control service, this is very straightforward and affordable. Usually, the problem can be dealt with in the space of a single afternoon.

Do mozzies like you? They fly right past me in favour of The Builder! Are you allergic to any pests?

Nicole xxx



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  1. We had mice in our flat in London so we moved to Australia – that’s not the only reason, but one of them! I’ve got a bit of a phobia about creepy crawlies, especially here in Australia, where everything seems bigger and more dangerous! We get our flat sprayed every year and it works a treat. Such a great investment!

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