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A Guide To Avoiding A Plumbing Disaster

A Guide To Avoiding A Plumbing Disaster

This post was written in collaboration with O’Shea Plumbing

For most homeowners, domestic plumbing is something that only becomes a focus when it stops working correctly. Instant access to hot water, running taps, and flushing toilets are modern luxuries that we never stop to question. The assumption is that they’ll always run smoothly, because, without them, nothing else can. Yet, this is precisely why you need to be taking better care of your plumbing.

Don’t wait until a sink springs a leak or a tap starts to drip before you realise that regular maintenance is essential. It only takes a few minutes, each day, to preserve the life of your pipes, drains, and appliances. It might be as easy as scraping dinner plates more thoroughly or putting smaller loads in the washing machine.

We asked a few qualified plumbers in Melbourne for some simple tips on how to keep your plumbing in great condition.

Don’t Ignore Leaky Taps


While a leaky or dripping tap might seem like a minor problem, it shouldn’t be ignored. For one thing, it is probably driving up your water bill. Plus, it might not remain a minor leak for long. If you ignore it and it gets worse, the repairs will cost you more.

Drain the Water Heater

If you want to keep your water heater in tip top condition, it is a good idea to manually drain it once every year. This will suck out all of the sediment that naturally accumulates in the bottom of the system. It is a recommended part of routine hot water service and it should be carried out by a professional plumbing technician.

Check the Toilet Flush Valve


You might not know this, but there’s a tiny device called a flush valve hidden inside your toilet. It is responsible for flushing and draining. When it breaks, it causes a near constant motion of running water, which is as costly as it is annoying. You can check that yours is working by dropping a teaspoon of food colouring into the top tank. If it ends up in the bowl, after 20-25 minutes, your flush valve is broken.

Never Overload Appliances

One of the most common causes of domestic flooding is overloaded dishwashers and washing machines. If you look in your manual, you’ll see that they’re built to accommodate a maximum weight. When you exceed this, the mechanisms (including the door seals) are put under great strain and they may fail. Always use your kitchen appliances in the right way.

Use Drains Correctly

It is imperative that you don’t drop unsuitable items down your drains. This includes food waste (especially cooking oils) and fibrous materials like cosmetic wipes and nappies. They will cause a blockage and you’ll have to call a local plumber to help fix the problem. Click here for more items that you should never drop down the sink or toilet.


Re-Seal the Bath and Toilet

The little strip of silicone around your bath and toilet is quite important. However, it tends to fray, wear, and degrade with age. So, every now and again (once year), buy some more silicone from the homeware store and re-apply it. This will only take a few minutes, but it’ll stop moisture from making its way inside and under the flooring.


Get Proactive to Save Yourself from Costly Plumbing Repairs

The thing to remember about plumbing maintenance is that the prevention is always cheaper than the cure. Investing in professional inspections and services is a great way to keep costs low and avoid nightmare repairs. Plus, if you work with a local company, you’ll benefit from great deals and a warranty on all new work and components.

Are you as good as you should be with your home maintenance? Had any plumbing disasters?

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