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Guest Post-Bec from the Plumbette

Guest Post-Bec from the Plumbette

Today I have a guest post for you. Rebecca Senyard from the Plumbette is joing us.


There are not too many industry type blogs and certainly only one or two that are actually interesting, The Plumbette is one of my favourite blogs. Bec has a fabulous knack for writing and isn’t frightened to tell it how it is to be a female plumber, a job I do not envy. Bec is a busy Mum of 3 young girls one of which is still a gorgeous little babe, and somehow she finds the time to not only have one blog, but two. If you are at all interested in fashion and lets face it, there are not too many of us that are not, check out Bec’s other blog Styled By Bec. Right, enough talking from me, over to Bec……


How to react when a female tradesperson knocks on the door.

You may be surprised to know that most female tradespeople are employed by male managers, so it can be a big surprise to see a female tradie knocking on the door when you’ve spoken to a male tradie on the phone. Many homeowners are delighted, surprised and admittedly become slightly hesitant when they see a female tradesperson on their front step.
I say hesitant because many believe a female tradesperson may not be as good as a male one and that’s simply not true. The majority of trades people who are women, want to work on the tools and can produce better work because of their attention to detail. Knowing that they are being watched and that their work will be judged is another reason most female tradies produce great work.
So how are you to react when a female tradesperson knocks on the door?
Well firstly, invite them in and tell them that you’ve never used a female tradie before. We all like to be noticed for being unique and smashing stereotypes. It’s what sets us apart and that kind of remark opens up the door to explain why we wanted to become a tradie and this can often put your mind at ease as the property owner.
The next thing is not to generalize what a female tradesperson can or can’t do. If she is unable to do a job, she will tell you. Don’t assume that just because the tradesperson is female, she may not be able to lift something heavy or do something that stereotypically would be easier for a male to do.
The third thing is don’t watch while she works. Or offer pointers. A female tradie is usually confident in what she’s doing. Having her every move watched and critiqued will make her nervous or stuff up when normally she would display confidence with her technique. This would happen to me all the time. Sensing eyes on me as I worked would sometimes cause me to bend a pipe the wrong way or make me work slower.
After the job is complete be sure to compliment them on a job well done. This is not just for female tradies – but all tradies – providing they have done good work. It builds anyone’s esteem when you tell someone they’ve done a good job.
The next best thing after using a female tradesperson is to call her or her boss again when you need to get more work done.
More bosses need to hear how good their employees are. This also helps justify a builder or plumber’s decision when hiring a female tradie. The more compliments and demands that are made for female tradies, the more apprenticeships will be offered to them. While companies need to abide by anti-discrimination laws and offer equal opportunities, they can be hesitant hiring a female apprentice because of similar concerns like being able to handle the workload and producing good quality work.
Have you ever had a female tradie work at your home? How would you react if you had a female tradie rock up on your doorstep?

I hope you enjoyed that insightful post as much as I did, thank you for sharing Bec. If you haven’t already checked out Bec’s blogs, do yourself a favour and head on over today.

Nicole xxx


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  1. If only I lived near you, I know who I’d call if I had a plumbing problem!

    1. Ha Sammie. I wish I could have helped you if you lived closer. And if I wasn’t on mat leave with my baby. 😉 There are some female plumbing companies that are looking to have female plumbers Australia wide so I reckon it won’t be long until there is the option of hiring a female plumber. But our guy plumbers can do great work too. It’s all about word of mouth and finding someone who has a good reputation. 🙂

    2. It can be so hard to find a good tradie Sammie, it would be great to have Bec nearby. x

  2. My husband is a painter. He has been employing a female painter for 8 years now. She is a fantastic worker and provides a balance to the team. She also puts people at ease when they are in someone’s home with her conversational skills. she has had to deal with a great deal of harassment, discrimination and crap in her career. We were so lucky to find her.

    1. That’s awesome Michelle, so wonderful to hear. There is still too much inequality especially in the building industry, and what a lot of employers don’t seem to realise is that building is a retail business in many of the ways they operate and a female on staff can be their biggest asset. I know as a female myself, I find other females easier to understand, they make me comfortable and I appreciate there ideas, as they are usually looking at things in a far more similar way to me, than men on general do. xx

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