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The Great Room – Inspired Space

The Great Room – Inspired Space

Grand American homes have a room I have always been so envious of, this room is called The Great Room. Although I am unsure of the history of this room, they appear to be similar to the sitting rooms in grand English homes. I think of them as a ‘good room’, sitting space, though always very luxurious. Unfortunately there is no way to work a great room into our Queenslander style home, but that doesn’t stop me dreaming about them.

The Great Room



Such a strong masculine room this great room. So many of the great rooms I have admired have high ceilings, or voids above them. This adds to the grandness of the room.


Studio McGee

Gorgeous big windows to bring the outside in. That fireplace creates such a romantic feel to this room.



Fireplace, comfy lounge, built in cabinetry and a void above, all that characteristics of a Great Room.


Clay Construction

I adore the windows in this room. Such a grand space!


Tracey Hardenburg

This space is amazingly huge! I love the exposed timber beams, so a grand touch.

Great rooms don’t really need to be this extravagant or big, while we don’t have the space for a great room in our home, we are adding a similar space within our new sitting room. A more formal space for us to gather and read a book, or share a wine.

What room would you add to your home if you could add anything? Have you a formal sitting room?

Nicole xxx


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  1. Love the stone Fireplace Nicole. xx

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