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How to Get The Best From Your Tradesperson

How to Get The Best From Your Tradesperson

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In the industry, our focus is doing our best job for the client, producing the best results, and making the client happy. There are a few small things that can be done to help you, the client, get the best result. Here are my 5 top tips to produce the best results,

1. Communication; this is the number one reason for disputes. Both client and tradesperson are responsible for this one, clear communication about what you require is essential. Likewise, if there is an issue, being very clear about what the problem is, will ensure a better result.

2. Common Curtesy; it doesn’t take much to say hello each day, to offer a glass of water on a hot day or a cup of tea on a cold one. We are there to do a job, but the job will get done with more enthusiasm, if the tradesperson feels appreciated.

3. Pay your tradesperson on time; this is a big one. If your tradesperson is not paid on time, a feeling of distain will quickly develop. It’s pretty hard to produce a quality job, when you haven’t been paid, speaking from experience, you stop caring about the job and result. It’s a sure fire way to create big problems on the job, likewise, being paid on time keeps the motivation high.

4. Build a relationship with your tradespeople; through building a relationship, your communication becomes much clearer. We all communicate in our own way, and with even a small understanding of the person we are communicating with, comes a greater depth to what we are each saying, our needs and requirements.

5. Praise; we all thrive on praise. As builders, one of the biggest parts of our job is to notice when our people has done a good job, gone out of their way to get something done, produced a neat product, or worked within our guidelines. It doesn’t take much to communicate praise or notice a job well done. We all respond well to praise, we all work better when we feel valued.

Most of clients have been amazing, we have built friendships with many, and we have completed multiple jobs for many more. Occasionally we will have a difficult client, and we find that when we do, the result is never as good as usual.

What has your experience been with tradespeople? Are these tips helpful?

Nicole xx

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