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Furnishing Your Home – How To Make The Most Of A Tight Budget

Furnishing Your Home – How To Make The Most Of A Tight Budget

Have you ever looked at the homes of the rich and famous, and dreamt that you could be that lucky?

Unfortunately, we cannot all have the amazing water features or ornate décor that celebrities such as Celine Dion enjoy. But, you can still turn your home into an eye catching place to live, even on a limited budget.

Creating a look that you can enjoy, that also attracts positive comments from others, is not all about spending a lot of money. There are plenty of tips and tricks that you can use to get the end result that you want, with limited expenditure.

Re-invent instead of throwing away

Say your curtains need replacing because they are starting to fade and showing signs of wear and tear.

If there is decent material left, do not throw it away. Make some fun and unique cushions for your kitchen chairs. You may even give your cupboards a design overhaul, by replacing doors with curtains.

furnishing your home


Another re-invention we like is using old suitcases as storage space. Create a great shabby chic look with suitcases that have had a long and useful life. They can be stacked on top of each other, to create an unusual and adjustable cabinet.

Find high quality used items

You do not have to buy new, to get high quality furniture. There are plenty of places you can look for items that are no longer wanted by their owners. The second hand economy is now a billion dollar a year industry.

Some used items will be fine as they are. You may want to change up that used chair, so that it fits better with the décor of your home.



If you want to buy a range of used furniture, there are no shortages of options. Yard sales, charity stores, house clearances and online sites such as Gumtree in your local area, are just a few places to browse. Take some time to find the best value for money items you can get.

Have a go at some DIY

You do not have to be an expert to have a go at making some of your own home furnishings.

If you are a bookworm, there are some excellent ideas about how to create your own bookshelves.



Get the look, colour and size that you desire, as you are making them yourself. Even taking on small projects, can save you a significant amount of money.

You may never have a designer home on a par with the a celebrity residence. You CAN turn your own home into a space to be proud of, without a huge budget to do so.

Do you buy furniture second hand? Sold furniture on Gumtree?

Nicole xxx

This post was written in collaboration with Gumtree.



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  1. with today`s economy many people are repainting or reusing old items and i have seen some really creative pieces even with things like storage pallets – you would be surprised at some of the items people have made with old storage pallets (kids toy boxes, garden benches, wine racks) and they look cool give it a quick google search ?

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