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From Quote To Completion – What To Do Before You Call A Builder

Unless you have built or renovated before, most people are unsure what to do before you call a builder. The answer can be as complicated or as easy as you like! There are however, a few essentials to step through before you make the call, though you can choose how thoroughly you do so.

What To Do Before You Call A Builder

I am going to give you the absolute basics here, to get you on your way to obtaining quotes for your new build or renovation/extension, that said you can call a builder as soon as you are ready. For some people this would be before they do anything as they would prefer to be stepped through the process, and for others, they may wish to be even more prepared than I suggest here, for example having full council approved plans ready.

Either way, this guide will give you the information you as the client need to know, before you begin your build or renovation process.

Know What You Want

This may sound a little obvious, but honestly from time to time we had clients call to say they want an extension, but they have no idea what they want the extension for or what they want in the extension.

You do not need to have a intricate idea of what it is you want but you really need a firm idea of what you need. For example, we’d like 2 extra bedrooms, a kitchen reno and an ensuite added. You don’t need to know exactly how that will happen, but knowing what you need is important.

If you prefer to have more of an idea, then working with an architect prior to calling a builder is also fine.

Have A Firm Budget

Building or renovating is a little like shopping, if you don’t have a budget, before you know it you will have spent far more than is necessary. Having a firm budget is essential for getting what you need as well as getting the most out of your builder.

Having a firm budget, gives the opportunity for your builder to meet your budget for without hitting your budget, the project doesn’t get done.

Don’t be afraid to share your budget with your chosen builder when the time comes, knowing this amount will help keep your builder on side and working with you to get your project completed.

There have been many times in which a client has had an idea for a renovation/extension only for their budget not to meet the demands of their ideas, in knowing that budget, generally the Builder is able to find a compromise to help the client get closer to their anticipated outcome.

Know What Your Are Looking For

Every builder is different in what they offer. Some offer a complete experience from conception to design to build and interior design, others will only build from plans you bring them.

Knowing what you are looking for in your build experience before you begin looking for a builder, gives the best opportunity for your needs to be met. When researching if a builder you will know what kind of service you are looking for, and choose appropriately.

Have The Land And Or House Available To View

Ok this one can go either way, for some would prefer to purchase a house and land package outright, this section is not for you.

For everyone else, either purchase the land prior or pay for a builder to work through a consultation to ensure that what you expect to build on your land, is able to be done without obvious issues. What looks like a nice flat block to me, can actually blow out to a huge angle to a builder and add significant costs to your build.

Likewise when looking to renovate or extend, the builder needs to see your property prior to being able to answer a lot of your questions. That said, we have had consults with clients who were considering purchasing a property that needed a renovation or extension, and walked through prior to them making an offer to be sure what they hoped for, could be done.

That is it, it can be as simple as that or if you prefer, you can have full plans ready for your builder to quote on prior to meeting with them. Both options are perfectly acceptable.

Now that you are ready to call a builder, the next step in the process is finding a builder! Check back next week for a post full of suggestions on how to find the right builder for you.

Do you have a new build or renovation coming up? Are there any questions you need answered?

Nicole xxx




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