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From Quote To Completion – The Final Days

From Quote To Completion – The Final Days

I thought long and hard about writing this end to the series, but in order of fairness to all involved, I feel it essential. You see you will not like your builder at various points throughout your build, and generally (but not always) those the final days feel horrible. Let’s explore why!

From Quote To Completion – The Final Days

I can’t lie, building is tough, tough for you as the client and also for the builder. You put your heart and soul (and a lot of money) into what you hope is your dream home, only to feel frustrated at various points when dealing with your builder or their team.

This is normal. Completely normal.

I think we all think this process will be smooth and trouble free, but it wont. There will be times that you question yourself, your partner and your builder. There will be times of great stress, anger and frustration. It will not be seamless.

You might find it interesting to note your builder goes through a similar process. I am contacted regularly by builders who just don’t know how to help their clients through this last messy stage of the build. Where the frustration often reaches boiling point.

My answer is always the same, be open, be honest and educate your client. Tell them they will hate the end of the process and they’ll be frustrated by you at points in time. But remind them that you are doing everything within your power to give them exactly what it is they want, because you as the builder, have all of your self-worth wrapped up in the clients satisfaction.

Because we are running businesses, we rarely feel it appropriate to be vulnerable with our clients, so please, allow me to do so on all builders behalf. We want to please you, our very livelihood depends on your being happy with your job. More than that, very often our self-worth is also tied up in ensuring we provide you with a quality job.

Please trust us in these last few weeks, when it feels like the job is running on forever, when you can see little going on, because I assure you, it will be happening, just not like you expect.

So there we have it, now you know its going to be tough, you know you’re going to hate that builder you love in the beginning, probably a few times over. Hopefully you also now know, you’ll come to appreciate them again in the end, with a little trust.

Remember there are avenues to help you if your builder has left you down in terms of quality of has breached your contract, that is not acceptable. In that case try negotiating with your builder and if that doesn’t work, contact your states governing body.

The majority of your build or renovation, should be a pleasant experience, but it is necessary to note, there will be times you wont like it, but they will pass.

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Nicole xxx

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