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From Quote To Completion – Practical Completion Stage

From Quote To Completion – Practical Completion Stage

Practical completion is often thought of by the client as the final stage, the name itself is suggestive of this, but it’s not. It might surprise you that practical completion can be reached even though there is still work to be done. This is often an area of concern for home owners as there is little information on what to expect. Each previous stage is quite transparent, for example frame stage is completed once the frame is constructed likewise the enclosed stage. This one can be a little confusing.

From Quote To Completion – Practical Completion Stage

Reaching practical completion is a real milestone in your build, you are almost to the end of the process, but not quite. At practical completion, once the invoice is paid you will be able to move into your home, it will finally be yours, however it might not be quite finished. That is not to say there will be any major works left to be completed, rather minor defects to be rectified.

Your builder is required to notify you 2 to 3 weeks before your home is ready for handover. Below is taken from the QBCC website.

A home reaches practical completion or is ready for handover when all the building work has been done and you are able to move in, i.e it is reasonably suitable for habitation. Some minor defects and minor omissions are acceptable.

You will find a full definition of practical completion in your contract under general conditions. Be sure to ready this before handover day and paying the final invoice.

On the day of handover, you or your representative will be invited to inspect your home for defects. You can note these will sticky spots or in written or photograph form. You will be provided with a practical completion document and a defects list to fill out.

You should also receive copies of all certificates and inspection reports along with all warranties for appliances etc. Once this inspection is completed and your invoice paid, you will be handed your keys and your home is all yours!

Where confusion often arises, is within the defects list. You and your builder will have an agreed period of time rectify the defects in your home. These typically would include issues with painting, builders clean, scratches, dents, site clean etc, nothing that would impact on the way you live within your home. This is a normal part of your build and leads to the very final stage of defect rectification.

This stage and the defects that are highlighted, are not to be feared, instead this is a great opportunity to communicate with your builder any niggling issues you might have. As always, be clear with your communication and back any calls up with an email.

Most importantly, you can now enjoy your home!

For information on what checks you can do, or how to fill out your defect list, head on over to our Inside The Build Masterclass page and register your interest.

Have you recently reached handover on your home?

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