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From Quote To Completion – Frame Stage

From Quote To Completion – Frame Stage

As we have spoken about, there are various stages within your building contract. This applies for both renovation/extensions and new builds. This week we are talking about the frame stage. We have looked at the process of finding a builder, through to last week looking at selections. After the contract is signed, the deposit is paid and it’s time to get to work.

Frame Stage

Frame Stage – From Quote To Completion

At the completion of the deposit stage you will have a site ready for a frame. New builds will have their slab down, renovations/extension will have any demolition completed and if required a new slab being laid and it’s time to move into the frame stage of your build.

This is one of my favourite stages as your project really begins to come to shape. Finally you will be able to walk through your home and feel the size of the rooms.

The frame stage will see wall frames and roof framing to be completed. Sounds like a small stage, but that just it quite comprehensive.

After the completion of the frame stage, the council, an engineer or a private certifier will inspect the frame to ensure it complies with AS1684.2 A form 16 will be issued to your builder at this point, which is required prior to the roof going on.

The roof going on forms part of the next stage, ‘lock up’ or the ‘enclosed’ stage, which we will look at next week.

For a more indepth look at building or renovating your home, head on over and register your interest in our upcoming Inside The Build Masterclass Series.

Are you building a new home or about to undertake a renovation?

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