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From Quote To Completion – Fit Out Stage

From Quote To Completion – Fit Out Stage

We are nearing the end of your build, finally all the pieces you’ve spent months curating are coming together. Often this stage feels like it takes forever, and for good reason. Compared to how quickly the shell of your build happens, the fit out stage takes a long time. But details matter, and this is the stage in your build that you will appreciate the most care being taken.

fit out stage

From Quote To Completion – Fit Out Stage

There is a lot going on in this stage of the build, painting, tiling, flooring just to name a few. Timing on your builders behalf is crucial for this stage to run as seamlessly as possible. This pressure point can create a lot of stress for your building team as they try to bring all the trades together. It is not like the Block, trades not only don’t like working together as it slows them down, worse still, it is simply not safe.

On shows like The Block or Reno Rescue, it would seem that this final details are thrown together, but reality is very different. Tradies need to pay close attention to detail for your home to be completed without unsightly issues. It’s hard to concentrate when you are needing to move or someone is in your ear. The Fit Out Stage needs to be closely managed by your builder to ensure every trade gets a good run.

For you the client though, this can really drag the process out. Small things take the most time to complete generally. Fitting door nobs, handles, internal doors etc can take much longer than expected, especially when something a little different to standard.

fit out stage

It can be difficult to be patient during this stage, however the benefit will be all yours once completed. You can expect all the tiling to be completed in the wet ares, cabinetry installed, finishing timbers and doors etc installed. Your home should look almost completed.

The final stage is up next, Practical Completion and before you know it you’ll be moving into your home!

If you are concerned about what checks need to be completed before paying your invoices, or want more indepth knowledge around the building process to ensure you know what to expect, head on over to our Inside The Build Masterclass registration page to find out more.

Are you building or renovating your home? What is your biggest stress point?

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