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From Quote To Completion – Enclosed Stage

From Quote To Completion – Enclosed Stage

This week we move to the very exciting enclosed stage. Your home will finally be looking like a house from the outside. We’ve been patiently waiting through the deposit and frame stage to finally arrive at the enclosed stage. Let’s have a look at what you can expect at the end of this stage, when the invoice is ready to be delivered.

enclosed stage

From Quote To Completion – Enclosed Stage

What To Expect

Once the frame is up and the invoice for that stage paid, your build will move through to preparing the house for lock up. Windows and doors will arrive on sight, as  will you chosen cladding. For some the cladding will be weatherboard, corrugated iron, or perhaps your home will be built with bricks, either way this stage will see you home begin to take shape.

One of my most favourite changes to take place at this time is the roof going on, it just feels so real at that point. You can expect garage doors to be fitted, windows to be put in place and you front door will be all locked up.

enclosed stage

This stage of your build can look really rapid, and I tend to find clients feel that the job significantly slows after this point. It doesn’t, it’s just the changes are not so obvious.

The basic idea of this stage, is for your home to become lockable, in fact it is referred to by many builders as lock up stage. It doesn’t mean that the whole of the outside of your home will be finished, instead the home will be securely able to be locked. Finishing trims etc will often not be done until the fix out stage, likewise the hooking up of gutters etc.

Keep in mind the concept of securely locking up your home as a guide when doing any invoice payment inspections, rather than expecting it to be completely finished.

Next up Fit Out Stage which is where all the excitement begins!!

Are you building or about to build? What stage is your project at?

Nicole xxx

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