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From Quote To Completion – Defects List

From Quote To Completion – Defects List

You’ve made it, your home is yours, but it’s not quite finished and you are not sure what happens next. Last week we talked about practical completion or handover, and the need to compile a defects list. For our final in this series of Quote to Completion, we are looking at what happens with that defects list once you get the keys and move in!

From Quote To Completion – Defects List

At handover you will have complied a defects list, and the builder and you will have discussed an agreed finish date for the rectification of the list.

All going to plan, those defects will be completed by then, and providing all documentation as outlined in last weeks post (here) has been received, you are done, completed, finished!!!

But what happens if the work is not completed in time? A couple scenarios, if your builder has kept you informed and you can see sense of the situation, use your discretion.

If your builder hasn’t been back, or is slow to rectify and just hasn’t finished without reason or explanation, then your first step is to communicate this to the builder.

Send an email outlining the agreed rectification date has passed and that you would like firm information surrounding when the defects will be finalised. Should you get an immediate and fair response, again use your discretion around finalising.

If not, or if no answer is received, then go straight to your discrepancy policy in your contract for an outline of how this situation needs to be dealt with.

In most situations it will be contacting your state governing authority and requesting mediation, from there the state authority will take over the situation and do as is necessary to complete the job or resolve the issue.

95% of the time, disputes can be easily sorted out with clear communication. There is that 5% though that will require further help, and for the client the state authority is the best place to start, should your communication attempts not work.

Can you believe after all these weeks, we have finally reached the end of your project! The workers have gone and you are finally able to enjoy your new or renovated home. I hope in this series, I have answered all your questions and educated you enough to feel empowered about moving through your build or renovation.

Building or renovating a home, should be an exciting time in your life, and with some clarification and knowledge like this series, it will be.

Are you ready to start a new project?

Nicole xxx



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