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From Quote To Completion – Accepting A Quote

From Quote To Completion – Accepting A Quote

Next up in our from Quote to Completion series, we are looking at what is involved in accepting a quote. So far we have covered, what you need to have ready before you start looking for your builder, how to find a builder and obtaining a quote. This week covers that next step of accepting a quote and getting prepared for your contract, which is super exciting, though naturally a little nerve wracking as well.

Accepting A Quote – From Quote To Completion

As you new project will be governed by a contract it is imperative that your quote be accepted in writing. Communication is such an important part of the whole build process, and we recommend to both businesses and clients alike, that you need to ensure you communicate the same message in a variety of ways, for example verbal and written.

Once you have come through the process of receiving all your quotes and deciding on the builder you will use, we suggest contacting the unsuccessful  builders and letting them know that you have made your choice. It is beneficial for those builders to understand why you didn’t choose them, so constructive feedback is always welcome.

The next call should be to your chosen builder, to let them know you are ready to accept their quote, and move forward with a contract. Follow this up with an email which will serve as your written notification of accepting a quote.

There are a few other things to begin ticking off your list while you wait for your builder to begin generating your contract, for example your finance. If you are relying on a financial institution to assist with finance for your build, you will need to get in contact with them and take any necessary steps to finalise your approval. They may require a copy of the contract, or the builders details, all of which your builder will happily provide.

You also need to talk to your insurance company and house and contents insurance will need to be updated likewise if you are have a new build, insurance will need to be put in place as soon as the build reaches lock up stage. Have a conversation with your financial institution and your insurer as soon as possible to get this in place and prevent delays.

accepting a quote

Contact your solicitor and let them know you are moving forward with a contract to build or renovate. While many clients don’t find this to be a necessary step, it is always helpful in the case of future disputes, to have your solicitor keyed up and ready to act on your behalf.

The next step in the process will be for your builder to generate a contract, you should expect to see a draft of the contract prior to signing. Ensure that you have appropriate time to read through and understand your contract before you sign it. As always, don’t be afraid to ask questions, as often as necessary to ensure you understand every step of the process.

Are you ready to accept a quote? Thinking of building or renovating?

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