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Following Fernbrooke-Clayfield Renovation

Following Fernbrooke-Clayfield Renovation

Most of the emails I receive from readers ask similar questions about what it is we do as builders. So from this week, we will give you a brief little update of where we have been this week and what we have been up to in our company Fernbrooke Homes.

With Christmas fast approaching, our phone has started ringing off the hook. This week alone, Adam has been to 4 different quotes, which is a lot for our small business. He has traveled from Ipswich to Corinda, back to Minden and out to Browns Plains, quoting on a variety of projects including 2 new decks, an extension and a renovation. It’s looking like a busy start to the New Year!

We are currently working on a renovation/extension in Clayfield. The job started strong, but a few weeks ago we were thrown a curve ball when our plumber found some cracks in the existing pipework. A big blow for the owners who then had no choice but to invest more into their renovation to fix the pipes.

After careful planning it was decided that the owners would actually extend their original renovation to include a kitchenette. So we were back to the drawing board with our planning and are now back on track.

This week saw extra precautions taking with the termite control, to ensure no nasties can find their way in, and the framing of this lower space was carried out. One of my favourite times on the job is when the framing begins to take shape, that then coupled with the plasterboard and it finally gives the opportunity for owners to walk through their new space.


Inside looking out to the pool.


Looking from the pool back into the renovation.


Our new working drawings 🙂


This is where the renovation will open onto, what a great lease of life this will give this family space.


A front view of the home.

This is a great project and one that will enhance this family’s life substantially. We are really excited to be involved in this project.

Are there any areas in what we do you’d like to know more about?

Nicole xxx

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