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Following Fernbrooke

We had a week that was both busy and challenging. Monday saw us out to Camp Hill to quote on a beautiful extension and renovation. The home we visited was just delightful, the owners are looking to add to the homes charm, by closing in an existing deck, while adding a new deck which will run the length of the back of the house and open up onto the lawn and pool. Big bi-fold doors will keep the house quite open, though will allow for them to be closed when warmth is required. I’m excited to bring you more details on this one as we move through the process.

The rest of Monday was spent completing some of last weeks quotes. It takes hours to do a quote, sometimes more depending on how comprehensive the job is. We don’t charge for quotes, however there is a bit of a movement within the building industry to charge for quotes. This would protect the builders from tyre kickers, however I worry about those clients who are looking for an estimate now with a view to do something in the next 12 months. It is difficult when you have so many quotes to do, that is taking time of your current job, but hey, we’re pretty happy to have this issue ?

Work is continuing on our job at Toowong. Fascia, gutter and cladding this week. We are aiming for lock up by end of next week. This is the exciting part for the owners, as the job takes on it shape and vision the clients have been dreaming of from the very beginning.

Very early Thursday morning, we headed to Sydney to visit the HIA Home Show. It was a super quick trip, home again on Friday. The home show was interesting, however I would absolutely say the one we have in Brisbane is much better. For me this means visually appealing, fun and energetic. Our plan is to have our own stand at next years HIA home show, more on this will follow in the next few months.


Lastly, did you know we sponsor more than 500 local kids who play football? We believe in giving back to our local community, and have a firm belief that sport is a positive way forward for so many children. Our Saturday was spent connecting with lots of these kids, establishing new friendships, as well as nurturing the old ones. We’ve seen so many kids through this program who go on to thrive as they grow. There is nothing more satisfying than the smile on a child’s face.

How did you spend your week? Do you have something exciting to share?

Nicole xxx

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  1. I used to live near Camp Hill! What a satisfying job it must be to be able to create dream homes for people. A lot of hard work too, i don’t doubt.

    1. Yes lots of hard work, but all worthwhile for the smiles at the end xxx

  2. It must be so wonderful seeing plans come to life. I hope there will be some before and after photos! That was a flying visit to Sydney – I hope you will be able to factor in some time for wine and dumplings next time! How awesome that you sponsor the local kids! That’s a great way to give back to the community. Do you have any future stars in your midst?!

    1. It’s a great job, building someones dreams. I am making a promise to you right now, I will never come to Sydney without factoring in time for dumplings and wine, ever again!! And stars, yes we do, just last week one of our players, played in the under 20’s State of Origin team, as a 16 year old. That boy is going places, and every Friday night and Saturday, I get to hang out with Mrs Langer, (Alfie Langer’s Mum) She is such a trooper xx

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