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Flowers and Happiness with a Bonus Offer for You!

Flowers and Happiness with a Bonus Offer for You!

Regular readers of my blog will know how much I love fresh flowers. I am not fussy, any kind of flowers or foliage will do, they bring such a fresh happy feel to a space. At certain times of the year, I am surrounded by plenty of foliage, at other times I have to buy flowers to fill the void.






So when a little over a week ago, I was tagged in an Instagram post looking for bloggers to receive a delivery of flowers, I naturally put my hand up happily. Last Thursday, after possible the worst work day ever……


Yep, that’s our chippie Dan, and the contents of his trailer all over the road, both it and his ute are a right off. Our young labourer was also coming down the hill at the time the water truck lost control, and it narrowly missed taking him out. Unfortunately, I think we scared him that much, he’s not coming back to work for us. So a bad week, just got worse. (Don’t forget we are still off alcohol :()

We had just arrived home, when a delivery man rung the door bell. I cannot explain the excitement I felt when he presented me with a box.


I must say, in my lifetime I have been quite spoilt, I have taken delivery of many gorgeous bunches of flowers. This however, was the very first time they had been delivered in a box. What a fantastic way to guarantee their freshness and to prevent the blooms from being squashed.

Within the box, my flowers laid in simple, stunning wrapping, already for me to play with. I am a real fan of receiving a bunch of flowers to then arrange as I like, rather than a bouquet.



My flowers were sent to me by the gorgeous Elli from Flower Haul.

Flower Haul is an online flower shop and flower delivery service. They offer sweet, simple bunches of flowers, which are handpicked fresh from the flower markets each morning. Once the flowers are picked, they’re carefully packaged and delivered directly to your door so they’re as fresh as can possibly be.

After unpacking my flowers, I did a little research on the Flower Haul website and found what has to be my favourite feature. I can subscribe to my chosen flowers on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly basis. Simply choose your flowers, or colour type and set your frequency and bingo, just like magic, you have your fresh flowers delivered to your door.

Ellie has a special offer for our readers, For the next month Flower Haul is offering 15% discount on all orders. Just pop on over to the Flower Haul website and use the code BUILDERSWIFE15 at the checkout.


Do you deserve a little treat as well? Which is your favourite flower? Do you like bunches or bouquets?

Nicole xxx

** Disclosure. I was gifted this bunch of gorgeous flowers from Flower Haul, in exchange I offered (not required) to provide my honest opinion of the service on my blog, as above.







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  1. Oh I love flowers so much so of course I’m all for having my blooms delivered direct to my door – what a fabulous idea!

  2. What a lovely end to a shitty day! I hope your workers are ok, that would have been awful. Love the flowers though!

  3. I blogged about flowers and happiness (and the studies into that) just recently too. We’re twins!
    Hope today is a fabulous day for you and your team.

  4. Oh they are gorgeous & I love flower deliveries too.

  5. I love fresh flowers! I’m lucky in that there is a flower market just up the road from me. I love buying their Singaporean orchids which you’ll see frequently pop up in my Instagram photos!

  6. Those flowers are stunning. You are so deserving of them Nicole and more. I hope they made you smile after a terrible day at work. Gosh, you just never know how life can change in an instant. So thankful no one was hurt. Utes can be replaced but people can’t. xxx

  7. Stunning flowers and what a great idea!!!

  8. Love love love fresh flowers

  9. Oh wow – I love flowers! I’m so happy to find out about Flower Haul – thank you! Shame I didn’t see that call out on Instagram! lol How special having them delivered in a box?!! I’m sorry you’ve had such an awful week otherwise Nicole and glad the young chippie guy was not hurt! BTW – I love your styling – you sure do have the magic touch! ? xo

  10. Flowers are my favourite thing. There is nothing like fresh flowers around the house.
    So glad nobody was hurt in that accident, it could have been so much worse xx

  11. There’s nothing better than fresh flowers. I can’t wait to landscape our garden so I can have fresh flowers all the time!

    1. That sounds like the dream Jodi. I would love that!

  12. Oh I love flowers. I used to buy myself some every week or fortnight when I worked full time. Just from Woolies or Coles and a bunch that cost less than $20. I only work part-time now so I’m not quite as frivolous but my new house has a couple of trees around the place that seem to have some flowers on them so I must investigate.

    (PS. I go outside as little as possible!)

    1. Supermarkets can have great flowers and when we lived in the house before this one that was the only place we got flowers from. xx

  13. I love flowers so much, sadly we don’t get deliveries like this out my way! I’m so pleased the flowers rocked up on such an awful day. What a shame you lost a worker, would of been bloody scary though. So glad no one got caught!!! I’m off to swoon at this florists website….xx #teamIBOT

  14. I love flowers so much, sadly we don’t get deliveries like this out my way! I’m so pleased the flowers rocked up on such an awful day. What a shame you lost a worker, would of been bloody scary though. So glad no one got caught!!! I’m off to swoon at this florist’s website….xx #teamIBOT

    1. That is such a shame Jo. Pretty flowers make my day. Though I do love foliage from the garden nearly as much xx

  15. I ADORE fresh flowers! It sure looked like a freaky situation to be involved in! I get house envy whenever I see images of your home – SO pretty xxx

    1. Awww, thank you. xx

  16. I LOVE fresh flowers and there is nothing better than having them delivered to your home! I’m going to go and check out the website now ?

    1. I am so pleased you treated yourself. They are just divine aren’t they. xx

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