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Flower Arrangements-Inspired Space

Flower Arrangements-Inspired Space

I have a big birthday coming up, it’s not for a while, but we are starting to plan the party that will go with this occasion. I turn 40 in February, and rather than run away and hide, like I would like to, we’ve decided to hold a party to celebrate. It will be our chance to show Pen Y Llechwedd off in a whole new way.

I’ve decided on a garden party, a Midsummer Nights Dream theme, while I am not entire sure on all the details, I do know that I would like the party to be help outside, in the garden, with lots of fairy lights, candles and little tables with flowers. I have been googling flower arrangements and what flowers will be available at that time, and may have spent more than a few hours on Pinterest getting all excited. Here is a little of the inspiration we are looking at….


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The lighting in this photo, is my inspiration. The table setting too formal, obviously for a wedding.


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These are my colours, I love the softness of pastel colours, and tiffany blue is my all time favourite.


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The simplicity of this is perfect! Something I could do myself. We have a box of old jars we used for similar arrangements for our wedding, it would be lovely to put them to use again.


Image Source

How cool is this! Using a pineapple for a vase, what a great idea!


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White flowers are my favourite, this arrangement is far too complicated for me to attempt though.


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Combine all my favourite things.

Are you a lover of flowers? Ever tried your hand at flower arranging? Got some tips to share?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Ooh i just love fresh flowers! The make me feel happy and brighten up my office.:)

    1. Me too Kat, they are my ultimate happy. xx

  2. How exciting to be planning your 40th! I love all the floral arrangement ideas. That pineapple one is fabulous. Perfect for summer!

    1. I know Bec, I am excited! I haven’t had a party since my 30th, unless you count my wedding of course. Hope you’ll be free to join us xx

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