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Five Interior Trends for Summer 16/17

Five Interior Trends for Summer 16/17

Styling a home should never be stagnant, it is an evolving process that will have pieces coming and going and rooms taking shape over time. My own home is an eclectic mix of pieces from now and times gone by. A little like fashion, it is important to start with the basics or investment pieces, and then add accents which can be done by season. Let’s take a look at the interior trends to come for Summer 16/17

Five Interior Trends for Summer 16/17



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Green is everywhere in the new season accent pieces, though it is even making its presence know in the investment pieces that are trickling into shops right now. Deep greens seem to be the colour of choice in art pieces, cushions even in a lounge. Stunning colours for right now.

Indoor Plants


While the fiddle leaf fig is on the down turn, indoor plants are on the rise in popularity again. Think maiden hair ferns, peace lilly plants and leaf palm tress, all of which are being used to create a feel ofย  luxury. Your own oasis at home. There is nothing wrong with using a mix of real and faux indoor plants to cover this trend if you have a black thumb like I do.

Dark Timber


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Dark stained timber is on the way up again, popping up with regularity in homewares shops. While the scandi trend is still holding its own, dark timbers are increasing in popularity. The dark timber gives the room a rich luxurious feel. The depth of a room with dark green accents against rich ark stained timber is simply stunning.

Gold and Silver


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Cooper may have been top of the tree for a while now, but gold and silver or a combination of the both more a muted gold, are set to create a stir. Use these colours in your accent pieces, candle holders, photo frames or the occasional cushion.



Not a new trend though nooks are set to receive a new descriptive name as the Summer season sets in, escapism. Essentially a small and cosy space that is for a single purpose. An example would be a desk nook, or a reading nook. This could also extend to a master bathroom or bedroom, think any space you can get away too for a bit of rest and relaxation.

While these trends will also come and go, if you like to add a few bits and pieces to your home to reflect the season you are in, these will have you covered for Summer 16/17.

Do you decorate for the season? Are you a fan of green? What is your favourite colour?

Nicole xxx

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  1. I love all of those trends. Although if my poor old Maiden Hair Fern is anything to go by, the indoor plant trend is not my area of expertise!

    1. I think that the Maiden Hair are set to die out as a species. I am yet to find anyone but my freak father who can grow them without them quickly dying. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Love all these trends and it seems our dark wood furniture is back in again after owning it for 11 years! Love that shade of green!

    1. The green is to die for! I love it. And a big yes for the dark stained timber, I also have a house full of it. xx

  3. After thinking my whole life that I was a black thumb I FINALLY have got the hang on Indoor plants! Yay! Bit bummed that the Fiddle Leaf Fig is on the down turn because mine is thriving (and my plants have never “thrived” before) I bought a beautiful Peace Lilly six months ago and found a frog in it three weeks later thats got to be a good sign right?

  4. Ohhh I like these trends. I am a silver girl through and through (white gold too!) and My late mum would like to know that the indoor plants are back!! Dad still has a peace lily in his apartment that has survived after 5+years. That green is lovely and I am drawn to using it more in my mandalas these days over blue. Who knew I was on trend?! Are you enjoying the Block? They use so much copper…and I think it’s dating it a bit. Denyse #teamIBOT

  5. I am surprised but I really love that green look with the grey and black and I’m really happy to see indoor plants are coming back in. I love the indoor oasis feeling. I like all the trends but think I’ll need some time to accept the ‘gold’ trend! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. If I have any plants, they’re going to have to be of the artificial variety because my thumbs are black as can be! I’m a bit excited about the dark furniture comeback, I never thought my “brown town” apartment would be on trend! Now all I need is a nook and a bit of bling!

  7. I can tick the first two off – green and indoor plants. But fail a little at the rest. I don’t have dark timber furniture or any gold, but I was checking Pinterest for drinks trolleys yesterday and saw a lot of gold Great Gatsby type ones there.

    My post tomorrow poses a question about feature walls…. would love your input!

  8. Great blog! ๐Ÿ’•Happy for the turn towards dark furniture.. we are avid lovers of French and English antiques – all in deep honey to lovely dark tones.. maybe I can stop wishing for an ‘all white’ Hampton house now?? Nahhh.. ๐Ÿ˜œ

  9. Yay for green!! My favourite colour. I seriously want that couch!!!! I have a black thumb too. My peace lily certainly does not look like that ๐Ÿ™

  10. I love love love nooks! If I ever get my dream kitchen (which I might!) I would completely re-arrange the space and create a writing nook for me. It was always my plan to do that but at the moment we have storage unit where I would want the nook it is a bookcase so that is actually not awful either. I think if we did the kitchen at the same time I would get two extra pieces of cabinetry made to go in our small extra living space. One to be the library bookshelf space with some cupboards or drawers at the bottom specifically built for that space, and at the other end of the room I would get a something built to match with drawers at the bottom a built in desk for the kids with cupboards for stationery and a specific unit for the tv/av things so all the cords etc are hidden. If I do all of that then I can get my nook too!!!

    Every time I open another blog from you I think of something else I want to do in our house. I best not let hubby know where I am getting all my inspiration from lol…

  11. I’ve got the green and the indoor plants (although struggle to keep them alive!). I’m loving all of these trends.

    1. You’re nailing it!! xx

  12. I used to love green and I have gone off it at completely the wrong time it would seem! Haha. I have begun to embrace indoor plants though and am yet to kill one. x

    1. So while you have gone off green, your thumb has not!! xx

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