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Finding Support - Women In Construction - The Builder's Wife

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Finding Support – Women In Construction

Finding Support – Women In Construction

I had opportunity to reflect over my time in the construction industry this week. One of our former team members wife passed away and we all gathered to celebrate this gorgeous ladies’ life. At only 51, it’s the kind of funeral that really starts you thinking about your own life and how much more you need to appreciate where you are at.

Also, at this funeral, I finally met one of The Builder’s good friends and his wife. They too own a construction company and while the 2 builders speak often, as wives we had never met.

I’ve not spoken before about how lonely I was when I first started in the business, about how I had no idea where I fitted and lacked support. The first few months were horrible and had me questioning often why I was there.

I vividly recall, complaining to The Builder about the lack of support for people like me. At the time the HIA offered a Business Partner Network, however they no longer hosted events that would give us all the opportunity to meet. He instead told me about his mates wife, the one I finally met this week, and what role she took within her business.

Even though we had never met, this woman became my role model. She gave me just that little bit of strength and courage to take control of my journey. However, I cannot help but wonder just how much support I could have gained, if we had the chance to meet before now.

Working in an industry not traditionally friendly for women can be a very isolating place. I am hopeful that other women who find themselves in a similar position to myself, are able to find answers to the many questions they have here on the blog.

As another form of support, we have the Women Who Work In Construction Facebook group that is open to any women working in any part of construction, from admin to on the tools and everything within. Interior designers, colour consultants, sales team, every woman is welcome and encouraged to share your journey and support others.

I am always here to answer questions and be a support to you please don’t ever hesitate to message, email or call.

Nicole xxx

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