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Finding My Inspiration

Finding My Inspiration

Recently I was having a conversation with a new friend about what I do here on the blog, one of her questions was the same question I have been asked a few times by readers, so I thought I would answer it here on the blog as well.

Where do you find your inspiration?

Finding my Inspiration


My biggest inspiration for the blog comes from my readers and clients. Just about every question we are asked, we have been asked many times before. These make great blog posts, because so many of us can learn from these questions. Some examples of this are Is a Deck Worth The Investment, and How Much Information Is Too Much Information For My Builder. Because we work in an industry where educating our client is part of the job we perform, I find my inspiration in bundles.

One of my favourite parts of this blog is having the opportunity to educate others. It’s a bit of a complicated field the construction industry, and building or renovating a home, if I can answer a question, or concern, I am happy. The only silly question is the one that went unasked.

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I have many points of inspiration for my work, and they are the many women in construction this blog has lead me to meet. I love that we are mostly working towards a common goal of educating and inspiring other women and that a love of construction means we are happy to work hard to break down the barriers of women in the industry. From tradies wives, to interior designers to the lady tradies themselves, each and every one of these women I meet fuel my desire to work hard to drive change.

I am excited each and every time I receive an email from a women in the industry who is willing to share their story with my readers. It is amazing what we learn about others and sometimes ourselves, simply by being prepared to listen. The My Trade Story segment has provided others with so much inspiration, all from sharing.


For our home, my inspiration comes from Instagram, Pinterest and my favourite home magazines. I don’t think you could define my style as just one thing other than maybe eclectic. I enjoy the opportunity to blend old with new, antique with budget and let the story of each piece shine through. Our home is a mish mash of pieces we love, pieces that tell a story, and pieces that perform a function, each of which says plenty about us as a family.

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I am fortunate enough to have many inspirational people in my life, The Builder and our children, my amazing Father, good friends and neighbours. I work hard to keep only people who inspire and positively challenge me in my daily life. My personal passion is self growth, I want to grow to my full potential, and you simply cannot do this with the dead weight of negative people. This lesson has been long and hard in the coming, but freeing when finally revealing itself.

As you can see, I draw inspiration from many different people in my life. I love that I have been able create a life that I love filled to the bring with amazing people. I’d really love to hear where you draw your inspiration from as well.

Is there one person who has inspired you more than others? If you could have dinner with 3 people living or dead, who would you choose? Care to share your inspiration?

Nicole xxx




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  1. I often think about the dinner party question and I’m not sure I could actually choose just three people. We are looking at building a new home this year, the more I look for inspiration, the more overwhelming the whole process feels.

    1. It can be a very overwhelming process, one step at a time is the best. Find a builder you can trust and communicate well with, and you’re already half way there. Always here to answer any questions you might have. xx

  2. Your posts inspire me and although time, budget and planets have not yet aligned for a renovation, when the time comes for us to get busy, I know your blog will be an invaluable resource. As for that dinner party, that’s so tricky. I’d definitely choose Joseph Gordon Levitt (shallow I know,) Barack Obama and Ryan from The Minimalists! I think they’re all super inspiring!

    1. Your a sweetie, thank you for your kind words. As for your dinner party, I’m so there with you xx

  3. There are so many interesting parts to what you do, I think that is inspiring! I never have the same answer to that interview question as it depends on the time. At the moment I’d have Michelle Obama, Audrey Hepburn & Meryl Streep. Xx

    1. Oh I love your dinner party, do you mind if I tag along? Thank you for your lovely words xx

  4. You do such a fine job here and I am sure in the business too otherwise you would not be so BUSY! Congrats on the team effort. I am most inspired by my husband. He has overcome more barriers in life than most to be an active, interested and most loving partner of over 46 years! Denyse #teamIBOT

    1. Thank you Denyse, that is very kind. Love that your husband is your inspiration. xx

  5. It sounds like you have many and varied sources of inspiration surrounding you. I’m fortunate in that way too. I’m not sure who or what has inspired me the most in my life. It is constantly changing ?

    1. I think that is a good thing Renee. Always wonderful to be blessed with many inspiring people in our lives xx

  6. It’s a tricky question (well not the dinner party one, because I can’t whittle that down) but in regards to inspiration. The people I interview inspire me to write their stories and to do justice to their cause. As for inspiration for house, until I declutter or build a new room OR MOVE then I am not inspired – just trucking along. We need a solution for a few problems so for now I’m lacking in that department. HOWEVER, this post may just inspire me to think about options! xx

  7. I love how you draw all your interests, work and home, into you blog. And you do it so well.

    The dinner party question. I answer it differently all the time depending on my mood and what’s on my mind. Right now it would be Meryl Streep (she’s always on the list), Oprah, and Liz Gilbert. All strong, independent, and inspirational women with so much wisdom to share.

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