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Where I Find My Home Decorating Inspiration

Where I Find My Home Decorating Inspiration

Decorating my home is something I find to be exciting and challenging. I really enjoy having the opportunity to create my own unique sense of style within our family home. I don’t have as style as such, and love to experiment with what I put together. Finding my home decorating inspiration comes to me in all sorts of ways, from social media to good old magazines and books.

Where I Find My Home Decorating Inspiration

The world is full of inspiration if you know where to look and as I develop my own style more, I am finding I can come across inspiration in all ares of my life. Nature is a great place to see how colours and pattern can come together when replicated at home. For more practical inspiration, there are plenty of places to find it.


Apart from being the happiest of all social media forms, Instagram is a great place to seek and find inspiration. Now that there is the new option of following hashtags, it’s even easier to find fantastic interiors to inspire you in your own home.



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The photos above I found on Instagram using the hashtag #interiorstyling however there are many more you can follow that will suit your individual style.


Pinterest is a gorgeous space in which to find inspiration for all aspects of your life, not just your home decorating needs. Looking for a recipe, Pinterest will have it, want to get fit, you’ll find inspo on Pinterest, home decorating, this is the place to go!

home decorating inspiration

House Beautiful

home decorating inspiration

Country Living

home decorating inspiration

Elle Decor

My favourite feature on Pinterest is having the ability to search for any key word that fits your decorating need, for example, you don’t have to search for kitchen to find a kitchen, you might search white, or brass or stainless steel. The images on Pinterest have key words attached to narrow down your search and help you find exactly what you are looking for. All the above images were found via Pinterest.


Now despite having a library full of books, I am not really one for purchasing books, however my local library has a wealth of home decorating books for me to borrow. There are several different types of books to help you in your home, some will explain exactly how to achieve a look, others will be full of pretty photos to show you how it all pulls together.

This post by Fifi McGee lists 7 fantastic books to read for home decorating inspiration, however there are many more. Why not pop to the local library and see if you can find something to suit your style.


We are spoilt for choice when it comes to home decorating magazines in Australia. I am a regular reader of Queensland Homes magazine, along with Home Beautiful and House and Garden, all of which provide much inspiration.

Junk Mail

Now this one might surprise you, but junk mail is a great source of inspiration. Just think about the latest Kmart or Target catalogue! Not only are these great places to look for inspiration, they will even tell you where to buy it and how much you’ll need to spend!


Catalogues even make for fantastic trend forecasters as it’s all about whats hot right now.

Display Homes

This one is probably the most fun way to check out some inspiration, looking through display homes is a passion of mine. If I have a little free time, especially without the kids, it’s off to seek out some new display homes to tour through. Here you will find the work of professionals and who better to seek some inspiration from.

Plantation Homes

Evermore Design Homes

Real Estate Sites

Last but not least, real estate websites like realestate.com.au are a great place for finding inspiration for your home decorating. It is amazing how many beautifully styled homes you can search through to find the combination you are looking for.

These photos came from a listing by Cape Cod Residential on Realestate.com.au It is amazing what you can find on in the listings.

Hopefully this post has shown you a few new ways in which you can gain your home decorating inspiration.

Are you a real estate stalker like me? Which is your favourite avenue to find inspiration?

Nicole xxx


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