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A Final Christmas Tree For Pen Y Llechwedd

A Final Christmas Tree For Pen Y Llechwedd

Our final Christmas is fast looming here at Pen Y Llechwedd. Our first Christmas without our daughter and our last here at Pen Y Llechwedd is gearing us up for an emotional one. The first of the Christmas lights went up last weekend, and for the first time every we have the Christmas Tree up in November. While we don’t know exactly how long we have left here, we thought we would make the most of the Christmas spirit.

A Final Christmas Tree For Pen Y Llechwedd

I’ve been admiring a few American home bloggers in my Instagram feed these last few weeks as the set about decorating their homes for Christmas. One of my favourite, actually has a Christmas tree in nearly every room of there home. While not a practical idea for our home or our climate, I did decided that I would like 2 trees this year, our usual DIY creation in the lounge room and a beautiful, picture perfect traditional tree in the sitting room.

Having a traditional tree is a real novelty for us, when our new tree arrived from Balsam Hill we were so excited, it felt a little like Christmas morning when opening all the boxes.

Our new BH Fraser Fir Candlelight LED tree*, arrived in two boxes and was super easy to assemble. Gloves are supplied with the tree, to help with the ‘fluffing’ process. Having not partaken in the ‘fluffing’ process before, I found this easy to follow guide on their website.

christmas tree

The Builder was very pleased to find this tree came with its own lights attached, which saved him a good hour of his time trying to place them so they are just right.

We added these pretty LED fairy light ornaments* that add a warm glow when nestled into the branches.

Finally we dressed the base of the tree with this skirt*, to hide the stand and the box it is sitting on. It gives the tree a tidy finish and the colour blends well with the colours in the room.

I am very happy with the way this tree has enhanced our sitting room and bought the Christmas feel to another part of our home.

I love the simplicity of the tree with only the lights, such a calming tree for our sedate sitting room, leaving the wildly decorated one the busy lounge room. While our Christmas will be very different this year, we are excited to embrace all the changes this season will bring.

What style of Christmas tree do you have in your home? How fantastic is a tree with lights already attached!

Nicole xxx

The Christmas Tree, the Fairy Lights and the Tree Skirt were all gifted from Balsam Hill Australia, for editorial consideration, however all opinions shared are my own as per my disclosure policy.


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  1. The tree looks gorgeous! Our friends have a Balsam Hill tree and it looks fab, so realistic! I love that the lights are attached, because light fixing is the worst job which is why I delegate to hubby! We got our first tree skirt this year – I don’t know why we waited so long! Wishing you a magical Christmas at Pen Y Llechwedd xx

    1. We’ve never had a tree skirt either, it’s all so very fancy. Just looking over at our other tree now and realising we need one for it as well!! xx

  2. Your tree looks gorgeous! I love the idea of the lights being already attached. We have a ginormous tree I bought the year before my twins were born 18 years ago and each year I’ve been buying a handful of new decorations for it. Even though I have more than enough traditional decorations for the tree I can’t help but continue the tradition of choosing a couple of new decorations each year.


    1. Christmas is all about the traditions and the memories they bring. We love the addition of our ‘pretty tree’ this year, so different from out other tree covered with handmade decorations from the children. x

  3. I don’t have a tree (no space for one) but last year I did draw one on my LED board and turn it on at night.

    1. That’s a great idea! My Dad no longer puts up his tree, but he is happy to throw around a little tinsel instead ? Whatever makes you happy, is the perfect festive decoration!

  4. Your tree looks amazing. I love a beautiful tree, simple but classy. My kids are not allowed to add home made decorations to the tree (LOL ) as I have my colour code and way I like things. It’s the only thing I am like this with

    1. This year is different with the 2 trees, we have our regular tree up covered in the kids decorations, and then this little piece of perfection as well. It’s a lovely combination.

  5. Oh what a lovely and fitting ‘farewell’ to your much loved home. When we were getting ready to move on in 2014 we had already given our tree to our daughter and 4 grandkids. We bought it before all the grandkids arrived) in 1993 to go in our brand new house. I loved it and it has special memories as till then all 7 of the now 8 grandkids had taken part in decorating it. I used to have a little tree elsewhere too. When we chose this next tree, I went for one with the lights as part of it (not bulbs but filament-types) and that is what we have up now in our 2 person home. So many sentimental memories around Christmas time I hope you take good care of yourself too. Change is always hard. D xxx #teamIBOT

    1. Thank you Denyse, we are so fortunate to be able to spend one last Christmas here, it is easing the strain of the move very much xx

  6. Such a gorgeous tree. Love those light baubles. ?

    1. They are really special!

  7. simple and lovely! we had a small tree when we lived in sydney (bought when in an apartment) and over the years we added a big tree and gave the small tree to the kids for free reign on decorating and then it became the kids handmade ornament tree while the big one became our family tree – we buy a few new ornaments each year and when on big trips so our tree really tells the story of our lives. i love it in all it’s non-matchy glory

    1. I adore this!! Our usual tree, which is now up, is covered in decorations made by our children and several passed down from family. I love it for the same reasons you love yours xx

  8. I love the Christmas tree with lights – simple and elegant but also very warm and Christmas-y. We’re putting our Christmas tree up this Sunday. Hubby and I still don’t have many of our own Christmas decorations cause this is only our 2nd Christmas together, so we’ll probably buy some more this year!

    1. I hope you enjoyed putting your Christmas tree up on the weekend xx

  9. Just stumbled across your blog when looking for renovation ideas and recognised your house instantly and wanted to say what a beautiful job you have done!

    We have just bought an old Queenslander (which is going to need a lot of work) in Newtown, but while we were searching realestate.com.au I came across your place online many a time and was just completely blown away – absolutely beautiful!

    1. Thank you Maddie for your very kind compliment. I love Newtown, it is high on our list of suburbs to look at as well. Wishing you much luck with your reno, feel free to shoot through any questions you have at any time xxx

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