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Filtered Water Taps For your Kitchen

Filtered Water Taps For your Kitchen

A question I see time and time again in home building groups, are about filtered water taps. For a long time I had only encountered Brita and Zip, but there is a world of choice out there, from the simple tap water filters, right through to hot, cold and even sparkling. This is will hopefully answer your questions too.

Filtered Water Taps For Your Kitchen

There is an option in this post for every budget. I do not recommend any brand over the other, this post is to show the wide range available. When researching which tap is best for your home, be sure to take into consideration the filter life expectancy and the cost to replace, as this will impact its efficiency.

Ambient Water

Ambient or tap temperature water is the most common of all the tap filters on the market, and there are dozens of brands available. From DIY taps, to taps that will need a plumber to fit, there is a choice for everyone. Generally a lower cost option than those that offer other water types, you can choose between under sink filtration options and on tap options.

A Brita mypure A1

B Brita On Tap Filter Mount

C Oliveri Satellite Water Filtration System

D Aquakleen Easy Twist Twin Water Filter System

Ambient and Hot Water Taps

For those of us who are happy for the taste of ambient water but love a cup of tea of coffee, a hot water option on your tap could be very useful. Each of these taps offer instant hot water.

A InSinkErator Boiling & Ambient Filter

B Billi Boiling & Still Filtered Water

C Zip Hydro Tap G4 Boiling & Ambient Filtered Water

D Puretec SPARQ Instant Hot & Ambient Filtered Water System

Boiling & Chilled Water

Ok so some of these prices might blow you out of the water, however for the convenience I don’t think they can be beaten. The boiling water functions can be locked on most models to ensure your little ones are kept safe. Oh and just check out the colour of the Billi tap, swoon.

A Wilson Boiled Chilled System

B Billi Boiling & Chilled Filtered Water

C Zip Hydro Tap All In One Boiling, Chilled and Filtered Water

D Rheem Mazi 3 Aqua

Hot, Chilled & Sparkling Water

We drink sparkling water here by the litre, a must for our new kitchen will be the Billi choice in the below selection. If the last prices didn’t blow you out of the water, these ones sure will! Don’t forget those prices do not include the installation that for most will require both an electrician and a plumber.

A Zip Hydro Tap Arc Boiling Chilled and Sparkling Filtered Water

B Billi Boiled Chilled and Sparkling Filtered Water

C Zip Hydro Tap G4 Boiling Chilled and Sparkling Filtered Water

D Zip Hydro Tap Residential Boiling Chilled and Sparkling Filtered Water


As you can see there really is a choice for every home. Hopefully this post has opened your eyes to the choices you have, perhaps you even found some new brands to consider.

Do you have a source of filtered water at home? Would you love an all in one tap?

Nicole xx

This post is not sponsored or affiliated in any way. I just love being able to share what I find.


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