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Fernbrooke Homes-The Week That Was

Fernbrooke Homes-The Week That Was

It’s been a mammoth week and a bit for Fernbrooke Homes and for myself personally. As I am half of Fernbrooke, I also want to share my experiences with you.

The extension at Toowong is coming along quickly. The old part of the house and the new, have finally met and have been open up to reveal the new space. New windows and skylights have been fitted, plasterers have been and tiling has been completed in the wet areas.





The stairs between top floor and bottom have been installed. When installed in a construction site, new stairs are covered with MDF covers on the treads, to ensure the constant traffic on site does not damage the final product.


Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to fly to Melbourne for the Kidspot Voices 2015 Masterclass. It was an inspiring weekend, where I met many new friends and learnt so much more than I thought I could. The message I took out of the day, was for authenticity in my blogging. I have been working to put that in place this week, with a true reflection of my Desk Nook and my post to share a day in my life. These style of posts will be my new voice, I hope to reflect the truth of a renovation and blended family living.

Yesterday I attended The Imperfect Mum’s Empowering Women Conference. Wow, just simply wow! Within the first hour I knew my life was changing before my eyes. It was a true honour to be surrounded with so many like minded women, a strong sense of appreciation and respect in the room. I’ve not felt so excepted before. The speakers simply blew my mind, and even this morning as I sit and write to you, my mind is still spinning.

Speaker Amanda Stevens really resonated with me, speaking not only about her own rock bottom, but her keys for success. Kristy Vallely, is as beautiful in life as she appears online. A true gift of a woman, who is open, friendly, honest and welcoming, I felt truly connected to this beautiful soul. Another speaker who really connected to what I’ve been feeling of late was Suzie Botross, Suzie is the author of ‘Break Free From Motherly Guilt’, a book I purchased on the day. Full of encouragement for us all to embrace the good guilt and leave the bad guilt behind. I have a new insight on who I am as a Mother and Step Mother.

By far and away my favourite speaker of the day was Eden of Edenland. Eden is a slap in the face of raw and true emotion. She had me flawed, she nailed it. Eden didn’t just touch a raw nerve for me, she dug it up, stripped it bare and gave it back to me to sit and ponder. I wanted so much to approach her and say thank you, instead I found myself paralysed by the grief I had held onto silently for so long. I felt naked and raw, and quietly retreated home to lick my wounds. If you haven’t read any of Eden’s blog, grab a coffee, box of tissues, sit read, and get acquainted with Eden and her real life.

Again the message of an authentic life was my take home from this amazing conference, and here I am continuing on my journey of giving you my real voice. This blog will always be a place of business, however I commit to giving you a real life look into who we are and how we life, not just the glossy pictures we find easier to look at. Thank you for being here and hearing my voice.

Nicole xxx


Nicole xxx

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  1. Thank you for sharing your voice because I love hearing it. I would just love to be in the same room as Eden, although I am sure I would be too awestruck to say anything to her. She can move mountains with her words, she really is a superwoman!

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