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Fernbrooke Homes – An Update

Fernbrooke Homes ? An Update

Apart from blogging I do many things every day. My full time job as the business manager for our business Fernbrooke Homes, fills my day very quickly. At the moment we are working on lots of exciting projects, a few of which I thought I would share. Our company specialises in renovations and extension of Queenslanders and the occasional custom new build. Currently we have have 2 renovations and 3 extensions in various stages. Next week we commence a custom new build and some maintenance works at a Doctors Surgery in Auchenflower. All sounds a bit busy, but here’s a few pictures to show what we are doing.


This is our second extension for our client. Last time we built in under the beautiful Queenslander, this time we are adding a top floor extension. This space will provide a master suite for the home complete with new ensuite.


Behind the stairs, you can see the initial extension, and the top floor extension, suits perfectly.


Have a look at those amazing views!!

This week the tiling of the ensuite took place and next week the stairwell will finally be installed allowing the owners access to finally see how their extension is shaping up.


We have been honored to be invited to renovate part of a magical Queenslander, which was designed by the apprentice to our own homes architect many years before our home was built, 1896. This home was so grand in it’s time, it had its own croquet green. Can you imagine? We have been responsible for adding an ensuite, walkin robe and making room for a small bedroom extension. The ensuite is now almost finished, the owners have impeccable taste.

Image 1


Image 2

Isn’t it just stunning! That stone bench top, the wall sconces, and mirrors. Just delightful.


At Corinda we are busy extending a post war home. We are building in the garage to add a whole new space, adding a deck and opening up the layout of the kitchen, living and play areas. This one will add so much value to the home, and totally change the way our clients are able to live in their home.



Imagine the summer BBQs on this deck, a great size for a family.


We are really excited to be starting a new custom build next week. This week though the site was cut ready for the garage. This modern Queenslander will be sensational when done, another one with sensational views.




These days the builder is off the tools, and it is honestly the only we could manage so much work at once. It’s been a wonderful challenge learning to work in the office together all day. We are redefining our roles at the moment, now that we have our office administrator Kate to help with the day to day tasks, which means I am learning more about safety and project management. Thankfully The Builder is a very patient teacher ? That rounds up where we are at for the moment, but be sure to keep an eye out for when we bring you more updates in the weeks to come.

Where would you build your dream home? Do you love a big block? Up-skilled or added a new responsibility to your role recently?

Nicole xxx

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  1. They all look great, very exciting times for you

    1. Thank you Jenny xx

  2. The fact that you are in QLD almost makes me want to move there and buy an old Queenslander just to get you to renovate it! Your work is stunning.

    1. That’s a lovely compliment, thank you xx

  3. Ohhhh this is giving me house envy something shocking!

    1. Always makes me feel that way too!

  4. Loving this post. The pull and struggle is real to get back. aaaah.

    1. ? I can’t wait until you are ?

  5. I so want you to guys to turn my house into a Queenslander lol. Beautiful work hun xx

    1. Thank you gorgeous! xx

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