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Fernbrooke Homes An Update

Working in construction rarely means pretty pictures. Most stages of a job are very messy, untidy, unfinished, just really unattractive except to the people whose lives will be changed through the process. I will not always have pretty pictures to share with these posts, but I will have pictures to share that reflect the truth of what a job site looks like every day. Perhaps this will give you an opportunity to understand exactly what it is like to live through a renovation, extension or new build.


This job is nearing the end, last week we had the installation of the stairs, tiling complete and this week the electrician will be arriving to fit off his works. Next up the carpenters return to fit off their bits and pieces and then the painter. This part is the exciting end of the job, where the client can really see and feel what their space is going to finish up like.

The homeowner had this gorgeous stained glass piece for us to install in the stairwell to give it a lift. It looks stunning!


This gorgeous ensuite and bedroom renovation is now complete. Once painted, I hope to have some more photos to share.


The Corinda job is also nearing completion, with the bi-fold doors to the deck having just been put in place. Next up will be fit offs from the various trades and the owners will be able to begin their painting. The carport we have added out the front now has it’s roof on, and the functional cupboard laundry, a great point of excitement for this family who until this point have had to do their laundry under the house, will be installed any day.

There used to be a wall where the nib wall is in between the two spaces. Such a big change now that it has all been opened up!

Rosalie Medical Centre

As well as residential work, we work with commercial businesses as well. Recently we have been conducting some reconfiguring works at the Rosalie Medical Centre, reworking a space to house another 2 consulting rooms. This has involved moving walls and creating new walls to create the space. A quick simple job, that will have maximum impact for our clients.

Ipswich Bathroom 2

Nearly complete we have renovated a bathroom, laundry and finally an ensuite at a second location in Ipswich. A fresh new look for this owner with some beautiful cabinetry from our suppliers Scan-Mac cabinetry.


We are nearing the end of a really busy spell which will mean we can concentrate on finalising our own ensuite and laundry renos. Exciting times ahead!

Which room in your home would you most like to renovate? Can you describe your style in one word?

Nicole xxx




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  1. It must be so rewarding seeing a job through from start to finish and such wonderful transformations! Best of all, now that you’ve so many projects done and dusted, you can get started on your own! Excitement plus!

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