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Facebook Groups And Podcasts, New Exciting Changes

Facebook Groups And Podcasts, New Exciting Changes

I’ve been MIA action lately and if you are not on my Facebook page you will have missed what is going on, so a quick post today to bring you up to speed.

My daughter arrived home for a 3.5 week visit before finishing our her stint in the UK for the next 5 months. I took time off from work to simply enjoy our girl and soak up the hugs before she left. I did still attend a few business meetings however and one of these has led to some new exciting changes coming your way.

My former business coach and good friend Warrick Bidwell of Tradie Wingman fame and I have joined forces to bring to trade business owners a wealth of knowledge. In time this will grow into events and other opportunities for you to strengthen your business, however for now we have a fantastic Facebook group Tradies In Business.

Facebook groups and podcasts

The group offers FREE advice from us as industry professionals, as well as networking and support for all. In a few days the group has grown to well over 100 members and we are having some great conversations about business that you are more than welcome to join in with. We have members from all kinds of trade businesses with varying levels of experience, all of which are willing to share what they have learned.

You can join here.

Waz has an amazing podcast that I will be dropping into in the coming weeks, called Tradies Business Show. Regardless of your type of business there is something to learn in this podcast, you can find it wherever you listen to your podcasts. (iTunes, Spotify etc)

Don’t forget in a short space of time we will be launching our Inside The Build Masterclass Series, you can find more information about that here.

If you are looking to build or renovate your home in the near future, this masterclass series is for you. This series will educate you through the entire build/renovation process, including information not previously shared on The Builder’s Wife including tips and tricks that your builder is using, how to read quotes, preparing for your contract, dispute resolution and everything in between. If you wish to be informed and ahead of the game, Inside The Build, is a must do in your preparation stage.

Lastly a promise that we will be back to regular programing this week. I have time again and a renewed passion to share what I know and love about the construction industry, small business and decorating.

Over to you my readers, do you have pressing questions you’d like answered? Feel free to email ([email protected]) leave a comment of PM on socials for your question to be featured and answered right here on the blog.

Nicole xxx


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  1. I can’t wait until we can do some touch ups to our house, that we’ve prob decided we’ll keep for a few more years. You will be my FIRST port of call in regards to advice x

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