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Etsy Love-Peggy’s Emporium

Etsy Love-Peggy’s Emporium

This weeks Etsy find comes from Sydney. I do love a local Esty vintage shop. Again I have become very taken with not only the items for sale in this Etsy shop, but also the loving way in which they have been presented. Nothing is more exciting than shared passions, and this Mother and Daughter combo have passion for vintage and retro to boot!


Danyelle and her Mother Lisa, have a beautiful ever changing range on vintage and recycled home wares.





So what do you think, can you see the passion in they way these ladies present their items? Those little Delft Dutch people may have found their way into my basket ?

If you enjoy this little snippet of Peggy’s Emporium as much as I do, be sure to check out their shop here and their Facebook here.

Do you have a vintage shop you think I might enjoy? Have you any Etsy shops to share?

Nicole xxx

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  1. Oh they are super cute! How nice that the mum and daughter run it together!

    1. They make a great combo!

  2. It is funny, I have come across so many mother daughter combos that love vintage together. I love that old sifter!

    1. It must be a love passed down through the generations Malinda xx

  3. I love that a mother and daughter team and look at all the things! So pretty!

    1. It’s a great combo, lovely things. xx

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