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The Essential Elements Of An Australian Hamptons Home

The Essential Elements Of An Australian Hamptons Home

This post has been written in collaboration with Scyon Walls.

The Australian climate and lifestyle lends itself to many different styles of homes. The ever-popular Hamptons look is one that is easy to adapt to the Australian climate with the right use of materials and clever design. With is blend of relaxed, casual and formal living, Australian Hamptons is the perfect home style for busy families.

There are 5 essential elements that you will need to create an Australian Hamptons-style home.

Weatherboard Cladding

It just wouldn’t be a classic Australian Hamptons home without the weatherboard cladding, but with our busy lives, regular weatherboard cladding can be a lot of work to upkeep. Scyon Linea ™ weatherboard is a durable product that offers all the required style of a Hamptons home, without the maintenance.

Although classic Australian Hamptons homes, utilise a mix of materials, Scyon Linea ™ weatherboard cladding is the essential element needed to perfectly capture the romance of this design, blending seamlessly with other materials such as stone another poplar Hamptons element.

Australian Hamptons Style home scyon linea weatherboard

Love the weatherboard look? Visit the Scyon Walls website for more inspiration and information about cladding for your Hamptons home!


Australian Hamptons style scyon linea weatherboard

Big House Little House

A gabled roof is a strong design feature in Hamptons-style homes. Gables gives a commanding street presence and stature to a home, which is a common Hamptons feature. Gables can come in a full form or partial gables which run onto other gables, to add additional character and transform the front of your home.


Australian Hamptons Style home Scyon linea weatherborad

Divided panel windows are the perfect compliment to a Hamptons home. Intricate in design, each add to the story of the romance of the Australian Hamptons home. When treated with shutters or sheer curtains, they can transform a home to one of elegance.

Swimming Pool

Australian Hamptons Style home Scyon Linea Weatherboard

Big House Little House

The Australian Hamptons home is strongly based on the design which first came from The Hamptons region in the US. A seaside region where outdoor living is heavily featured. Swimming pools using classic travertine tiles in it’s surrounds, white pool furniture and simple clean lines in it design, are a must when completing a perfect Hamptons home.

Australian Hamptons Style home Scyon Linea Weatherboard


Australian Hamptons Style home Scyon Linea Weatherboard

Australian Hamptons home feature lots of white, complimented with greys and navy blues. These colours for inside and out on the home, are a traditional Hamptons feature. Soft grey walls, white doors and windows and natural stone surrounded by plenty of fresh green grass, exudes the richness of the Hamptons style.

Hamptons style can be change to create costal, classic and modern designs by simple incorporating the above classical elements.

Dreaming of your Hamptons home? Click to here visit Scyon Walls website for more information and start designing your dream Hamptons look.

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