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Entertaining Outdoors In Winter

Entertaining Outdoors In Winter

The Builder and I love a good party, a dinner part or a few drinks with nibbles with our friends, and no cold weather is going to stop us! Mind you, we do live in a very warm part of the world, which is very fortunate for our social lives. That said I am sure our tips will be helpful in just about all parts of Australia, for entertaining outdoors in Winter.

Entertaining Outdoors In Winter A Few Tips To Keep You Warm

Follow The Sun

Ok this might be a little obvious, but follow the sun when entertaining during the day. We are fortunate enough to have a deck on each side of our home, and we entertaining on the deck in the sun at any part of the day, and often move our guests to keep them warm. We also entertaining regularly in our garden, which see’s the sun for most of the day.

Throw Rugs

entertaining outdoors in winter

Why should our beautiful throw rugs be limited to the insides of our home. We have throw rugs on most of our decks and a basket for any time we are in the yard. I am a bit of a cold fish, so these come in handy all year around. Throw rugs don’t only work well to literally keep you warm when snuggled under, they also create a sense of warmth in the space by having them around, a great decorating tool as well.


We don’t have outdoor heaters here, we really would only use them for a couple of weeks in Winter, but we do have friends who use theirs regularly. Gas heaters are the most cost effective for outdoors and easy to use. A great choice for colder climates.

Fire Pit

entertaining outdoors in winter

Got a little bit of space in your backyard? Why not install a fire pit. Again we use ours year round, particularly useful for our teenagers who love to entertain by the fire. Our fire pit has built in seating on 3 sides, and was just purchased from Bunnings, no special assembly required or a large requirement of space. There is something just so special about entertaining around the fire.

Outdoor Blinds

Got a deck that always seems to be in the wind? Perhaps outdoor blinds would be the best option to keep the cold wind at bay. There are so many different varieties available, I am sure there is an option for any style of home.

Entertaining outdoors in winter

Our Winter’s in Queensland are relatively sedate, but I feel that even in the cooler climates we can all adapt our entertaining to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer.

How about those Winter skies? Are you an entertainer?

Nicole xxx

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