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Our Ensuite Reveal – Pen Y Llechwedd An Update

Our Ensuite Reveal ? Pen Y Llechwedd An Update

It’s and exciting day here today, a few sneaky projects are coming together, both on the same day, and I get to reveal….finally, our ensuite! The ensuite created a real challenge for us, and I must give a huge shout out to Amelia from Undercover Architect, for her creative thinking that finally removed the block for us.

You see the space we had, with it’s existing configuration, simply didn’t work. No matter how we turned the plan, changed positioning, or eliminated the bath, we couldn’t get it to flow. We had all but given up on the idea of adding in the very wanted bath, when I thought I would consult my good friend Amelia. With one simple change, brought about with fresh eyes, Amelia was able to make a suggestion that finally gave us everything we required in our space, including the flow.

Amelia’s suggestion was to move the door. In the photos below, the original door was situated where the toilet now is, by moving the door, we could utilise the space more efficiently AND we also then had a toilet that was not seen as you walked in the door. Win, win, and all it took was that bit of designing brilliance to give us what we needed! Thank you Amelia. We are so very happy with the result, I hope you enjoy them too. Next week, I will share the details of our products and a few little secrets as well.



These two photos are from our shoot for Queensland Homes Magazine, kindly taken by Hannah Puechmarin and styled by Rachael Honner


The door to the ensuite now hides the toilet, you walk directly into the vanity which is the hero of the room





I had great delight in choosing our fixtures and fittings, it is rarely something I get to do for myself. Watching it all come together, was nothing short of amazing!

My photos are not the best, but hopefully you are able to gain a real sense of the room, and love like we do.

Do you have a bath in your ensuite? What is the one feature in your ensuite or bathroom you would like to change?

Nicole xxx


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  1. OMG! It’s so gorgeous, Nicole. I love it all especially the tub! It’s so dreamy. I would never be able to get out of the bath/shower or off the loo if that was my bathroom because it’s so stunning I just couldn’t bear to leave ?

  2. i love it!!! such a beautiful space

  3. love, love, love, your floor tiles! – the ensuite looks amazing ?

  4. Oh my goodness, now THAT is my favourite space – perfect!

  5. OMG this is so gorgeous – i am sure you will enjoy many baths in there.

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