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England Tour – Singapore

England Tour – Singapore

Leaving behind my girl was much harder than letting her go when she left here in February this year. There is something about being the one to leave them behind that really pulls at the heartstrings. But we did have Singapore to look forward too.

I have to fess up to being quite nervous when we first booked Singapore, having only been to English speaking countries otherwise, I was concerned about my ability to communicate effectively. What a waste of worry that turned out to be, not only does just about everyone in Singapore speak English, the country is full of friendly people who are only too willing to help.

England Tour – Singapore

We did have a quick stop over in Singapore on our way to the UK, only about an hour, but we had already experienced the humidity, well a little. Stepping out of the airport was like walking into a wall of heat and stickiness, even though it was 5pm local time. Our drive from the airport to our accommodation took us past the beach, the Gardens by the Bar and Marina Bay Sands hotel a spectacular example of modern architecture.

After settling into our accommodation, it was time for a feast. The Builder adores Asian food, he was most excited to eat his way across Singapore, however also very keen for an authentic experience, and authentic we found. Underneath our hotel was a food court, similar to what you would find in a shopping center and not at all like the authentic experience we were searching for, so off we walking.

Just a few hundred meters from our hotel, we found where the local eat, sitting on the street, drink local beers with ice, and ordering from the market stalls behind. The food here was sublime, and the cold beer on ice almost as good. The waitresses were delighted to spend time talking to us, and the locals even took time to say hello.

We were literally the only foreigners in the hundred or so in the area, which was the exact atmosphere The Builder was chasing. After a fulling meal and a good night sleep we were off to the Gardens by The Bay.

These gardens need to be seen to be believed, I simply cannot describe the beauty not to mention the spectacular architecture. The public transport system in Singapore was really simple to use and from here we headed to China Town for lunch.

China Town was quiet at lunch time which gave us plenty of opportunity to explore the area without to much hustle and bustle. There were two things I wanted to do while in Singapore, head to Raffles and to eat Singapore Chilli Crab. Unfortunately Raffles was mostly closed for renovations, so we left that for another trip, but we did have the opportunity that night to head out for Singapore Chilli crab, it was sensational!

China town was much busier at night, with so many locals and tourists flocking to the area, keeping in mind we were there just prior to the Grand Prix, you can imagine just how busy it was.

Our final day had been set up so we were not flying out until 9.30pm, which gave us a whole day to fill. This day was all about our son who had joined us on the trip. He is obsessed with monkeys, always had been and Singapaore provided an opportunity to see many monkeys in the zoo.

I don’t usually visit zoo’s and had put my preference on hold in order to enjoy this experience with my son, fortunately I was plesantly surpised to find the zoo was endorsed by Steve Irwin prior to his passing, which made me relax immediately.

I am so pleased to have had this experience, the zoo and its surrounds were so thoughtfully planned to provide a great space for both animals and visitors alike.

The architecture at the zoo was also incredible, the above photo is of the women’s bathrooms, continuing on with the theme from the rest of the zoo, it was open plan and kept you in touch with nature.

We only had a small time at the zoo, as we also wanted to get to Little India to sample their food. It took a bit of searching to find an authentic place again, but the search was worthwhile, with an enormous feast for very little cost.

This was the end of our trip, with us leaving on our plane not long after. We will be back though, we would love to explore further.

Our trip was one of a lifetime, both England and Singapore were far more than any of us had expected but seeing our girl was the icing on the cake.

Have you been to Singapore? What is your favourite Asian dish?

Nicole xxx



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