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England Tour – Chelsea

England Tour – Chelsea

Way back in August, 3 of our family set off on an adventure to see our number one girl in England. Miss R moved to London in February this year, and September is her 21st birthday month, something this Mummy couldn’t miss. I’m going to be really honest here, London was never really high on my to visit list and if Miss R had not moved there, it would have been a long time before we visited.

What a mistake that would have been! England is an amazing country full of warm friendly people and more history than I thought I would see in my lifetime. It has given us a thirst for travel so strong, we are already planning our next adventure.

I wanted to share with you, my fellow architect lovers, some of the amazing architecture we enjoyed seeing while we were there. I could write one hundred blog posts about what we saw, but will restrict it to just a few, but they will be laden with pictures!! Let the eye candy begin!!


On arriving in London, we traveled by tube (such a cool experience and one we used daily while in London) and bus to our first stop Chelsea. As silly as it sounds, I had tears running down my face on the bus, these houses were exactly as I imagined and I simply couldn’t believe what I was seeing!

This was our little place to call home for 5 nights, and we all loved it. Spread over 3 levels with the kitchen on the ground floor, living/dining on this street level and 2 bedrooms and bathroom upstairs, it was just so Chelsea. There was a little courtyard out the back and we were no more than 2 minutes walk from the shops.

Chelsea was a sweet town and super easy to travel to London from. Plenty of really good food, pubs and a supermarket, we wanted for nothing in this location.

Every time I saw one of these post boxes, I’d be looking for Paddington Bear and his marmalade sandwiches.

I loved their street signs, but they were so hard to see when driving around, nearly always covered by cars parking.

We spent every day but one traveling into London, and you could easily do that every day for a year and still not see all it has to offer. It is breathtaking! I will share part one of London next week, as there is simply too much not to share.

Have you been to Chelsea? How do you feel about marmalade sandwiches?

Nicole xx





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  1. I’ve walked through Chelsea but never stayed there. I guess you feel about British architecture the way I feel about Australian architecture – I loved looking at my home town through your eyes!

    1. Yes, absolutely, it is just different to ours, and so old. The UK really showed me what a young country we are. x

  2. It always astounds me how people can live so close to each other, but hey I grew up on a farm in NZ so it’s what we’re all used to I suppose

    1. I was really concerned about how we would find it, but it was so different to what I thought it would be like. I really enjoyed it for a visit, though not sure I could do it full time.

  3. I can’t wait to visit England again. We had a week in London, and I had one night in hospital after getting acute food poisoning. We didn’t get to do our tour out of London because of it. Still loved the time we had there discovering the city though. It certainly does give you the travel bug when you discover somewhere new.

    1. Such an amazing destination, though far from home when you are unwell. That must have been terrible.

  4. […] triumph, but staying awake for another 10 hours made a delirious! Miss R thought it hilarious. Our Chelsea accommodation was lovely, but you can imagine our disappointment when we found we had no shower, only a bath […]

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