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When Dreams Come Tumbling Down

On Tuesday at 8.47am, I received a phone call that has already changed the way I live my life. My Father called to tell me my Brothers house was burning down. Through the hysteria, we managed to ascertain, that my sister in law had just left the house to take my nephews 5 minutes away to school. When she arrived, she was called and told her house was burning down. In that short space of time, merely minutes, they lost just about everything they own, including their dog and my children’s dog, who was staying with them at the time.


It is an unfathomable loss, one I am still coming to terms with. It is difficult to know how first to help them, many of the local community has already begun to rally and help, dropping off clothes for my Brother his wife and my 2 nephews. The insurance company has already found them somewhere to stay for the next few weeks, but how do you begin to make life a little normal for them again. They have their own business to run, and one of my nephews needs to get back to school, but they also need to learn to live with what has happened. Where do you begin?



This got me thinking, about our beautiful Pen Y Llechwedd, and how much we love her, how unreplaceable she is and how fragile life is. When sitting quietly, you begin to realise just how lucky my family were. The fire investigators have said, if the fire started when they were all in the home, they would not have gotten out, our loss would have been so great. As I write this, I feel so grateful for what we have, for being here, for the love of our family that I know will help us all through this time. Despite the massive loss, the gain is great, we are still a family, I still have my Brother, Sister in law and my Nephews, and so through this we try to focus on gratitude, not sorrow, and today begin the task of assisting them to move forward.


And through it all, these boys whilst scared, smiled, and loved.

Has your home been touched by tradegy? How did you cope, what was the best way someone helped you?

Nicole xxx



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  1. Oh my goodness, Nicole. My heart goes out to you and your family. This is a terrible tragedy, and so much loss, but you know everything is replaceable except life itself. Of course, losing beloved pets is so sad, but reading this, I was overcome with relief that your human family members at least, were all safe and sound. I’m constantly amazed at how adaptable and resilient we humans are, and although it may seem impossibly horrible and difficult for everyone right now, things will get better. In the meantime, thank heavens for family and friends. I’m holding you all in my thoughts and sending good vibes your way xx

    1. Thank you Sammie, a difficult time especially for the family, but you are so, so right. Life isn’t about things, its about connections, family, friends and love ones, none of which can be replaced. We are very lucky to have them here with us still. xx

  2. Oh my god, Nicole How awful for your family! Does anyone have a caravan or a rental house they can live in until they re-build? Those photos really bring it home how grateful we should be for our blessings. So glad they are safe.

    1. Thank you Lisa, the insurance company has been awesome. They have a unit for the moment and in a few weeks will transition into a rental house until the re-build is complete. xx

  3. I am so sorry Nicole- the loss of the dogs and the home must be devastating, thank god the family was out of ththe house. I am sending love and strength to you all and will be thinking of you all. Xxx

    1. Thank you Deb, it has been devistating, but focusing on having them all here with us still, brings much comfort. The kindness of friends and strangers has been amazing. Thank you for your kind thoughts xxx

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