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Dream Like Bathroom Features – Inspired Space

Dream Like Bathroom Features – Inspired Space

While I certainly love my bathroom, I still allow myself to dream. Pinterest in my number one dreamy space and a great way to while away a few hours, I just need to be cautious not to get caught in the web and not surface for a day. (May have done this once or twice) While researching for a client brief this week, I found some amazing dream like bathroom features that I really wanted to share with you.

5 Bathroom Features To Dream Of!

Steam Shower

Ok, I had not heard of these until recently, but I love the idea. The Builder and I love the benefits a sauna offers, fancy having one in your own home! Better yet in your own bathroom. A steam shower is an enclosed shower room, that has a dual function. You can either shower as normal or steam within the room. This really is a dreamy spa like feature.


Jeff King & Company


Atmosphere Inter Design


This was on my want list when we designed our ensuite, but alas size and budget prevented me from having my hearts desire. That doesn’t stop me from dreaming though, and drooling over gorgeous fireplaces others have installed. Can you just imagine lying in your warm bath on a cool Winter day…..


David Tsay photography via House Beautiful


Astoria Custom Homes

Spa Bath

We did have a spa bath in our previous home, only it was in the children’s bathroom are was not often used. I would love to have a spa in our ensuite, however the clawfoot bath really doesn’t lead itself to that idea, so I will just dream until the next house.


Amanemu Spa


Uxua Casa Hotel

Rain Shower Head

One feature we did in install in our new ensuite is rain shower head, and I can tell you it is even more luxurious than it sounds. A wonderful way to ease the days sore muscles, and washing your hair is really taken to the next level under one of these babies. This is a simple piece of luxury we can all have.


Jack London



Bathroom With A View

I am blessed to have a bathroom with a gorgeous view into the tree tops. Lying in my bath watching the birds is one of my favourite things to do. Some of the views I found on Pinterest though, make my view look very poor indeed, even though it’s stunning. Personally I think this is the biggest luxury one can have.


The White House Beach Villa


Taken on our trip away to Montville several years ago.

While all of these features are super glamorous, there is no reason why we can’t all have a little glamour in our lives.

Which of these features would you like best? Do you enjoy a bath?

Nicole xxx


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  1. Oh my goodness I do believe we have stayed in the EXACT same place (room even) at Montville! I’ve just clicked on post and seen YES it is! And below is quite a lovely rainforest, well lots of trees for privacy? It was about 8 years ago just after I’d had my first child. And it’s so memorable because I left my breast pump behind and was suffering! Great minds. xx

    1. We love this spot Em, we have spent time there just about every year we have been together. My goodness suffer you must have!! xx

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