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Downsizing A Company – Our Experience

Downsizing A Company – Our Experience

Over the last couple of years, we attempted to grow our company, but with some staffing issues, and complications for our family and health, we made the decision at the end of last year to downsize our company. It has not been without its own complications, but so far it has been the perfect timing for a decision like this for our family.

Downsizing A Company – Our Experience

I was brought up learning to strive for best, not necessarily what others deemed to be best, but my own best effort. I have always tried to be successful in everything I have done, no matter the cost. Within our construction company, this meant taking on as much work as we could and allowing the growth that came with the explosion of work.

What we didn’t understand when we started down that path, was just what sort of cost this could come at. Sure, we were successful, for a time, but because the foundations were not as strong as they should be, what should have been minor issues, turned into such enormous issues that negatively impacted our health and relationships.

By August last year the wheels had well and truly fallen off, with a number of internal issues with staff resulting in massive financial losses, and an attempt in changing the culture of our company, meant that all of our staff had either been let go, or had made a decision to leave.

We left for our trip overseas, sick to our very core, trying to find a way forward to finish what we had started. While we were away though, we had space to find clarity, and realised we were pursuing something neither of us were passionate about. The decision to downsize was made on a Sunday afternoon in an English country pub.

Downsizing is not easy, and for us we have had to face many financial complications in doing so. We have chosen not to employ anymore staff and have gone back to the way we used to do things, simply the Builder and myself.

Somewhat unbelievably, we potentially have more work now than we have ever had lined up. If all the pending contracts we have come off, we have work lined up until Christmas. The temptation to employ subbies and get through all the work quickly is tempting but is path that we have explored and understand we cannot control to the degree we wish to.

For us downsizing has been about closing our construction company and becoming a sole trader again. It was a simple change to make and allows us to have complete control over all aspects of the job.

It also puts us back in touch with why we do what we do, and that is to change lives. We found when we were doing the big jobs, we were not impacting on families lives in the way we wanted to. Smaller jobs allow us to make a real difference to families and that is what we love!

For us downsizing our company has been a major plus, we are happier, our family is happier and we have a way forward that isn’t sole destroying.

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  1. So pleased you have followed your hearts and have chosen happy!

  2. Totally agree with all this. I learnt from working in a massive international corporate company the loss of personal connection with clients and outcomes. That’s why I now run my own business and can build relationships I want to, with people I value. Being bigger is not always the key to success, and having financial success doesn’t mean having personal success and happiness. It took me about 10 years to work that out.

  3. I’m so pleased to read about this new direction, and love where it was decided upon. Here’s to going back to what you are both passionate about. x

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