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How To DIY Like A Pro

How To DIY Like A Pro

This post was written in collaboration with Belle Skylights.

I love my home, and I am very house proud. One of my favourite aspects of being a home owner is having the ability to embark on home improvement projects whenever I choose. From next years addition of a pool to refurbishing the ensuite to projects I can DIY myself like painting or rehanging doors, whatever the project you undertake, let’s make sure you do it right.

You’ll need to approach the task with a clear plan of action. You’ll also need the correct tools and equipment. Safety is imperative if you’re working with things like saws, drills, and other sharp devices. Keep the area clear of kids and pets and don’t start making changes until you’re sure about what you want.

This guide to getting home improvements right will help you keep your DIY projects on track.


Only Work in Well Lit Spaces

If you’ve got an attic or basement transformation in mind, you need to think of a suitable way to open the space up to light. This should be the first step that you take so that you can complete the rest of the project in comfort and safety. Tubular skylights are a low maintenance way to direct natural light into windowless and subterranean areas. They use a reflective tube system to bounce the light from the outside of the house, through the walls, and into the space.

Be Clear on the End Goal

This is particularly important for large-scale projects. While putting up a shelf doesn’t require too much planning, renovating a kitchen would need a lot more thought. Don’t start hammering, sawing, or knocking anything down before you’re clear on what you want to achieve. It might be worth checking that the rest of the family are happy with the idea too. Not having a clear plan is one of the most common reasons for DIY failure.

Get Help When You Need It

You might fancy yourself as a real handyman, but the reality is that you can’t do everything by yourself. In fact, the law in Australian prevents amateurs from carrying out certain types of work. For instance, you can’t handle plumbing projects without the help of an expert. This is because some domestic renovations have to be thoroughly checked for safety. Don’t attempt any job that you’re not sure you have the skills to complete.

Keep a Flexible Timetable

If you are planning to completely overhaul one room of the house – and fit cabinets, new flooring materials, or storage solutions – be realistic about how long it will take. Ideally, you should be adding a little bit of time onto your initial estimate, because there are a thousand different things that can cause a project to run over. If you’ve already accommodated for it, however, it won’t feel like such a disaster. For kitchen and bathroom renovations, you need to decide where you’re going to do all of your washing and cooking in the interim.

Make Sure That You Have Approval

There are some home renovations (building an extension, for example) that may require approval from your local council or another authority before they go ahead. Planning permission is not necessary for small internal projects, but anything that extends outside the existing floorplan of your home is likely to need it. If you’re not sure, you can check by telephoning your local council or browsing their website. It is always best to be sure before you go and start any large-scale remodelling tasks.

Why Great Lighting Is Essential for Full-Scale Home Renovations

To transform a previously unlivable space (like a garage) into somewhere inhabitable, you need high-quality lighting. These areas don’t usually have windows, so unless you’re willing to install some, you’ll have to rely on sturdy, practical fittings that illuminate the room, without compromising on mood. You can opt for skylights, but things like solar tubes are a more cost efficient choice and can be installed in awkwardly shaped or very small spaces.




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