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DIY Kitchen Renovation-Tech Talk

DIY Kitchen Renovation-Tech Talk

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Our kitchen is the heart of our home, not surprising really when you have so many mouths to feed. When we finally have the opportunity to give it a good makeover, it will finally reflect our family and the lifestyle we lead, for now though, we are considering changing a few subtle things, to make it feel more our own. If yours is a little tired as well, or has a poor layout (like mine) then here are a few simple ways to give your kitchen a new lease on life, without the full expense of a new kitchen.


Something as simple as the addition of an island bench can make all the difference when it comes to the functionality of your kitchen. If you’re struggling for prep space, an island bench, complete with drawers, is a great addition, providing you have the space to install one.

If not, then look to the workspaces in your kitchen. There should be enough space to prepare food, set hot food aside from the oven and serve up. Reworking your space to provide work areas creates a kitchen that is functional and can streamline the cooking process. So look at whether you can install extra cabinets to free up bench space. Even a single set of cabinets can allow you additional space in your kitchen.

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Is your kitchen looking tired and a little more ’70s than chic? A quick way to reinvent your kitchen is to update the finish on your cupboard doors and drawers. Most kitchen components come in standard sizes, meaning it’s as easy as finding new doors to suit your cupboard size. If your sizing is a little more precise then measure up and have a cabinet maker create finishes to size before installing them yourself.


A kitchen can be totally refreshed by updating your benchtop. This is particularly the case if your cupboards and drawers are fairly neutral. You can have a benchtop built to specification, or again pick up the relevant sizes at your hardware or kitchen shop.



Like anything, appliances are subject to trends, and older style ovens, refrigerators and microwaves can really date the room. That’s not to mention the amazing new feats that some modern appliances can accomplish, taking the hard work out of cooking for you. To find the right appliance for you, take the time to some research into what is available. Visit the websites of specialist suppliers such as ASKO– this research phrase is crucial in order to end up with a first-rate cooking experience.


Door and drawer handles

If you’re looking to add a fresh finishing touch to your kitchen, then turn your attention to the little things such as drawer and cupboard door handles. Something as simple as updating your drawer handles can have an instant and amazing effect, not to mention this is arguably the cheapest way to reinvent your kitchen spaces. This only works well in kitchens where the benches and cupboards provide a fairly timeless base.

Making over a kitchen often has an unwarranted intimidation factor but it isn’t necessarily the domain of the experts. Some well placed finishing touches or revamps of selected items can provide amazing bang for your buck and have you seeing the heart of your home in a whole new light.

Did you find this advice helpful? Have you given your kitchen a facelift?

Nicole xxx


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  1. Nicole, those are great tips to update your kitchen. We’re lucky to have a new kitchen, but even with that there are a couple of things we would change. Our pantry is a nightmare. The shelves are too high. Argh!

    1. We had a similar issue in our last home Renee, the shelves were too high and too deep. You’d forget what was up the back, and a couple of times a year. I’d have to get the ladder out just to clean up the top. It was a real waste of space for us. xx

  2. We gave our kitchen and bathroom a complete reno in the last house we had in Mackay. We were very cost effective with both but they come out with much better functionality…I will admit it wasn’t to hard coming from what they were like before. Lucky we didn’t spend to much on them as we made nothing when it come to sale time. Damn mining downturn!

    1. It’s frustrating that you put so much time and effort into your reno and were not rewarded at the end of the process. The mining downturn certainly left some holes. xx

  3. I adore those pendant lights – can you please let me know where you purchased these from?

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