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DIY Herb & Vegetable Patch – Inspired Space

DIY Herb & Vegetable Patch – Inspired Space

Our last installment in our DIY month on Inspired Space, is DIY Herb & Veggie Patch.  To me there is nothing better than fresh veggies straight from the garden, organically grown, and full of flavour.  You just can’t beat it!

When time permits, we try to grow our own vegetables.  It’s hard to believe how quickly time is flying, but it was almost (exactly) 12 months ago that I shared our veggie patch with you, along with our herb garden which The Builder built on the deck for me earlier this year after I had some health issues which prohibited me from wandering downstairs to the garden.

Here are some ideas that might give you some inspiration to start your own veggie patch.

DIY Herb and Vegetable Patch ideas

Ewa in the Garden shows us how to build a raised no dig garden bed.

Veggie Garden
This is a great post from The Plumbette on ways to Style Fresh Herbs in Your Kitchen.

Inspired Space

Here is an informative post from Eight Acres on how to set up a worm farm, which provides the all important nutrients and fertiliser for your veggies and herbs.

Inspired Space

Down to Earth has some great tips on building your own compost heap:

Veggie Garden

along with some more great advice on How to Start a Vegetable Garden:

Veggie Garden

Helpful Homemade show us how to build a DIY vertical planter garden.

Veggie Patch

Loonyville show us how they made raised garden beds along their fence in a small yard.

Veggie Garden

Instructables show us how to make a veggie patch out of old tyres.

Veggie Garden

What are your favourite vegetables to grow and eat?  Ever had a total failure in the veggie patch?

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  1. I’ve got one of those vertical planters on the balcony and had a go at growing herbs last year. It was an epic fail and a herby mass murder of huge proportions. Nevertheless, this post has inspired me to have another crack at it, it is spring after all. Watch this space!

  2. Oh you’re a darling for sharing my post. I love fresh herbs everywhere. Our vegetable patch is overgrown. We’ve had some great produce over the last few weeks which has helped the grocery bill. x

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