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DIY Electrical, Why It’s A Bad Idea with Bec Sparky

DIY Electrical, Why It’s A Bad Idea with Bec Sparky

Bec Sparky is back this week, have you had a chance to check out her You Tube channel yet? Last time Bec was here, we looked at Keeping Fire Safe In Winter This time Bec is discussing a common question she is asked, and just how dangerous the outcome could be.

Dont DIY Electrical

With the glut of DIY and makeover shows on television lately, it has sparked a massive trend of renovating homes. There are many projects you can give a go but there are certain jobs that must only be completed by a licensed tradesperson. These include plumbing, air conditioning and electrical works. In my day to day interactions I have had many people say to me, “You’re a sparky, I’ve changed over the switches in my house and they don’t work properly anymore”

My response to them is always the same. “Only use a licensed tradie to do the work” This doesn’t mean your mate who did his first year and quit, it also doesn’t mean your friend who’s a second year.

In Electrical there are no short cuts. If something were to go wrong your insurance won’t cover it and worst case scenario you could kill someone.

A few tips to get a good tradie are;

  • Ask for referrals from friends
  • Get three itemised and detailed quoted breaking down all costings for parts and labour
  • Always ask to see and make copies of the trades license and their insurances
  • Ensure that any apprentices are supervised by a licensed tradie
  • Trust your instinct; if it doesn’t feel right don’t hire them.

Here is a more detailed video on how to choose,

Budgeting the electrical component into your project will always save you money in the long run.

Thank you Bec, such important advice. Obviously I have a super handy husband, but the one thing he will not do, is attempt any kind of electrical work. In our experience, we have seen some terrible issues caused by well meaning friends, all the way through to someone losing their house in a fire and the insurance not paying due to one well meaning, unlicensed friend getting it wrong.

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Bec has an excellent You Tube channel with handy tips and information, please take a moment to have a look through this wealth of advice. Got a question for Bec? Please leave in the comments here, alternatively, why not check out Bec’s Facebook page, and leave a question there.

Do you have a building, electrical, plumbing or interior question? Feel free to leave your questions in the comments, and we’ll answered it in an upcoming blog post.

Nicole xxx

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  1. I agree with Bec. I don’t understand why people even do their own electrical work. It can be dangerous!! Even if they ‘know what they’re doing’. Also they void their home insurance if they do their own electrical work and find it causes a fire.

    1. I scratch my head every time I hear of someone doing their own electrical work, it just makes no sense to me. x

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