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Designing An Ensuite-Home Improvement Thursday

Designing An Ensuite-Home Improvement Thursday

Over the last few months, we have been slowly focusing on different rooms throughout the house with design tips and inspiration, from the kitchen to the laundry. This month we are going to have a closer look at the ensuite. I have my fingers crossed it wont be long until we are renovating our own ensuite, which is particularly yucky! Lets start by looking at designing an ensuite.

5 Tips For Designing An Ensuite

Start With A Blank Space

By this I mean, start planning with a blank space, not rip everything out and start completely from scratch. Take a big, blank, fresh piece of paper and draw up your dream, keeping in mind the space you have to work with. There is no point drawing in a bath, if there is just no way to fit one, keep it realistic. Thinking about how you use your current space, what do you need to change, is it time to update or is there an issue with the current design? Your ensuite is to be your sanctuary, a space to relax and hopefully pamper, the flow is important to keep the space peaceful.


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Keep The Existing Plumbing In Mind

This can potentially save you thousands of dollars, there is no point moving plumbing if it is not really necessary. If the flow of the old bathroom was fine, then don’t change it. If you found it really didn’t work, be sure to take on some professional advice on how to move your services without breaking the bank.

Set A Budget

The Builder is always banging on about budget, where as I am a bit of a dreamer and will get carried away and spend the total budget on fittings ? Having a budget can prevent many arguments, but only if the budget is realistic. One thousand dollar taps may look pretty, but no-one knows they cost one thousand dollars, I am sure there are some reasonably price alternatives to be found. Remember more money does not always mean better quality. Be savvy with where and how you spend your money.


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Find The Right Tradespeople

Finding the right tradespeople is essential for the successful outcome of your ensuite renovation. When building a new home ,you’ve already done the hard work and found the builder right for you, this should then translate when it comes time to build your ensuite, but if you are renovating your ensuite, it is important to take the time to be sure the tradespeople are right for you. I highly recommend obtaining three quotes and remembering that you often get what you pay for. Cheapest is not always best, be sure you can communicate with your tradespeople, that you are comfortable and sure of what you are getting.

Have Fun With Colours and Features

Once the design is decided upon, it’s time to choose the colours. Consider the ensuite like any other room in your home.Do you have a recurring theme in your home? Apply it to the ensuite as well. If you use neutral colours in your hard surfaces like tiles and paint, you can bring some colour in with plants, towels and fixtures. On the other hand, if you are a little more daring, why not try a feature sink or bathroom cabinet to really make a statement.

As always having fun with your design is very important. This is your space, designing it should be fun!

Are you a fan of colour in the ensuite? Do you have your dream ensuite? Do you like to have a bath?

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designing an ensuite

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  1. Our ensuite has a double shower – which was a feature as part of the display home design. I totally love it. I’d love a double vanity, but if we ever renovated, there is room to install one in. You must be getting excited about your ensuite reno. x

    1. I miss my double vanity, we had one in our last house, this house just has a sink, no vanity and I don’t cope with that well at all! Can’t wait to change it ? xx

  2. All the budget on fixtures. Yep. Sounds like me. My Adam is always banging on about budget too. They’re SO responsible. I want all the pretty things ? Tongue firmly in cheek ?

    1. Our Adams are very similar Angie! xx

  3. I am super jealous that you have an ensuite! We don’t have the space for one in our home. Our bathroom is probably smaller than ones shown in the photos above. Great tips though Nicole, I can definitely implement them in our bathroom – I will just treat it like an ensuite ? I can do that right?

    1. Our ensuite is nothing to rave about just yet, we have high expectations for it though. I lived many years without one, but with a house full of teenagers there is simply no way I wouldn’t have one now ? And yes, most definitely treat your bathroom as an ensuite xx

  4. Great tips Nic!
    I recommend that you arrange your ensuite so you walk in ‘on’ the vanity – ie it’s the first thing you see … and you hide the toilet out of view of the entry.
    I call it the ‘money shot’!
    The vanity is generally what you’ll spend the most money on in the ensuite, so it’s great to make the most of it by locating it appropriately. It also will have a mirror above it, and that can help the ensuite feel larger than it is.
    Think about lighting too … you want your vanity mirror lighting in front of you, not above or behind you – that makes for tricky makeup application!!
    – Amelia, UA

    1. That’s a great tip Amelia! Thank you for sharing xx

  5. Hello lovely lady…
    I love all these bathrooms, we have a double shower in our ensuite and we just love it, was the best decision we made. x Happy weekend.

    1. Sooooo good to see your back!! Missed you gorgeous!! xx

  6. […] ensuite month this month on the blog, we started the month off with looking at designing an ensuite, and now we get to the pretty part, where we explore some inspirational images of contemporary […]

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