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Decorating with Plants in the Bathroom

Decorating with Plants in the Bathroom

I have been looking for the perfect plant to add to our ensuite. I think a pop of fresh green will really add to the space. I have plants in just about every other room of my home, but am struggling to find the right one for my bathrooms. I spent my Pinterest time this week, scrolling through looking at plants in the bathroom for inspiration. Here a few of my favourite.


Bathroom PlantImage via Sarah Sherman Samuel

I have this plant in my garden, I love the coloured leaves.

Bathroom Plant

Bathroom PlantImage via House Mix

Plenty of different types to choose from here.

Bathroom PlantImage via Homely

I love a hanging plant. This is nearly perfect for our ensuite.

Bathroom PlantImage via Homely

Imagine lying in that bath, it would feel so tropical!

Bathroom PlantImage via The Styling Edge

Gorgeous birds nest plant, I have several of these in my garden also.

Bathroom PlantImage via BDG Style

These lillies, are so hardy and literally tell you when they want a drink, with their leaves bending ever so slightly.

Bathroom Plant
Bathroom PlantApartment Therapy

This is stunning.

Bathroom PlantImage via Homes To Love

Love the hanging plant, and the macrame holder is just divine!

Bathroom PlantImage via Consort-Design

This foliage is beautiful.

Bathroom PlantImage via Home Beautiful

Bathroom PlantImage via Notesy

The Fiddle Leaf Fig, I haven’t tried one of these, a little too temperamental for me.

There are some great choice in this group of pictures, now to find the perfect plan and the perfect pot. that’s if I can tear myself away from Pinterest!

Do you have any indoor plant suggestions for me? Have you a green thumb?

Nicole xxx



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  1. Do you think indoor plants need to be real ? Can I sneak some fake ones in? Are they any good?

  2. Hi Nicole! Beautiful images in this post, I love the styling. Maiden’s Hair Ferns had a time in the spotlight not long ago, and I had one in my bathroom but it wasn’t so hardy and didn’t make it unfortunately! I now have a string of pearls plant which I love in my bathroom x

    1. String of pearls are all the go at the moment, I think they could suit my ensuite as well! x

  3. I find myself unable to leave your blog! I can’t stop reading it! I must say you have a very unique voice in writing, which I personally appreciate. Thanks again Nicole!

  4. Hi Admin,
    I really enjoy reading this blog. I see a lot of interesting content on your website.Thanks for your post. Can you share some more topics on same?

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