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Decorating With Mirrors – #HIT

Decorating With Mirrors – #HIT

Mirrors are a fantastic way to bring another element to a room. Fantastic for bringing in light, reflecting a gorgeous space or brightening up a wall. We have many mirrors on the walls in our home. They can be large and grand, or small and quaint, but used in the right way they have a great impact on a space. Lets explore how mirrors have been used as an accent in the room.

Decorating With Mirrors

Reflecting A Space


Image Source

This spectacular mirror works so well to reflect back the gorgeous bath, doubling up on the view of the bath. It provides a whole new perspective of the bath and the amazing tap that gets a little lost without the mirror. While this works beautifully in this space, I cannot say I would be happy to have a mirror reflecting back myself as I climbed into the bath, so this won’t be something I repeat in our ensuite renovation.


Image Source

I adore the way this mirror is reflecting the back of the Christmas tree, a lovely way to enhance a room.

Bringing Light To A Space

We have quite a dark dinning room and have used a large mirror to reflect the light that the bi-fold doors let in or the kitchen lighting when on. It works wonderfully to brighten the space.



Image Source

This mirror has been used in a similar way, placed in a darker corner of the room, angled to reflect the light the window lets in, it really brightens the space.

Increase Space

Mirror are exceptional at creating the illusion of more space. Small rooms can be given a real lift with the addition of a mirror. Mirrors also work well in hallways, most of us are attracted to looking in a mirror therefor distracting us from the size of the space.


Image Source

Although far from a small hallway, you can see how the illusion of extra space comes from the placement of a mirror, in this case, also becoming the real focal point in the room.


Image Source

The use of this mirror at the end of a short hallway is inspiring! I love the depth it creates.

Focal Point

Why not use mirrors as a focal point in a space. Use them instead of art to bounce and reflect light and create a feature all on their own.


Image Source

These playful mirrors bring a sense of fun and texture to the space.


Image Source

Why not use them to create a gallery wall?

Outdoor Mirrors

Mirrors don’t have to be restricted to indoors, you can use them in the garden in the same way, to create the illusion of space, to add interest or to brighten a dark corner.


Image Source


Image Source

Have you used mirrors in your home or garden? Ever wanted a secret garden? What was your favourite childhood fairy tale?


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  1. We have a mirror in our bedroom. We have two actually. I love how they can open up a space. That black hallway mirror is my favourite of them all.

    1. I love it too!. Other than the kitchen,I can’t think of a room in our house without a mirror, love them xx

  2. I love a big mirror and also those round ones from Kmart. Oh Kmart, how I miss thee.
    Also, I don’t think, after staring at it for a while that second image in creating depth is a mirror. The rug isn’t in the reflection. Such an optical illusion!

    1. It’s all smoke and mirrors Karin ? xx

  3. I am swooning over that Black and white Hallway! Absolutely gorgeous. I am also loving your dining room Nicole – the mirror above the side table looks great. Perfection.

    1. Thank you Charlene, we love it there. xx

  4. I love hallways mirrors! I have one and it is great to do a last minute check before you walk out the door (or answer the door and need to check you look half presentable!). Love the picture with the Xmas tree, how beautiful xx

    1. We have always had one by the front door for the same reason. Never hurts to have a last minute check up! xx

  5. Mirrors do add such depth and class to a room. I love the idea of using mirrors in the garden, I’d love to try it ?

    1. Me too Tash, we are planning on adding some to our garden soon. x

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