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My Daily Gratefuls

I have much to be grateful for everyday. Posting on Instagram under the hashtag #mydailygratefuls is giving me the opportunity to remind myself what I am grateful for each day. I have found it so easy to forget the little things whilst focusing on the big things. Here is an example of what I’ve been grateful for this week.


I am increasingly grateful for the wonderful community I have found on Instagram. This week, I wasn’t sure what height these lamps should be, so I sent out the call via Instagram, and was overwhelmed with positive responses.


I am ever so grateful the children are all back to school. I thrive on daily routine, and have been struggling to get things done each day.


I am noticing little things around the house that I am grateful for, these extra big power points are proving to be extremely useful now that most of the children have phones, laptops and iPads.


I was really grateful for a lazy start to our Sunday morning, time to rest, plan and garden for the day, all at a slow pace. Bliss


I am very grateful for a thoughtful gift from a kind friend.


I was grateful for time to pause and reflect over the gift of life that was my Step Mother. On the anniversary of her passing, we gathered as a family, and spent time on her favourite beach remembering.

There is so much for us all to be grateful for in each and every day, even the darker ones. I would love for you to join me over on Instagram and share something you’re grateful for with the hashtag #mydailygratefuls

Hope to see you there.

Nicole xxx


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  1. Lovely idea…I may just join in. It’s always good to pause and be grateful. Even for the littlest of things or moments. xx

    1. It would be lovely to have you Bec, the more the merrier ?

  2. I love your daily gratefuls, even though I am always chasing my tail and playing catch up on Instagram. Lots to be grateful for here and what a beautiful way to remember your Step Mother xx

    1. Thank you Sammie, I’m a bit like you, finding it hard to keep up on Instagram, so many beautiful images to look at. xx

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