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Creating Vignettes – An Easy Guide

Creating Vignettes – An Easy Guide

Vignettes have long been used to create a focal interest on any kind of flat surface. I have used vignettes all throughout my home to display our favourite pieces while creating a something interesting to look at. A vignette is used to create areas in your home to pause over, something to draw the eye and hold it for a moment or two. The vignette is then used to reflect your personality within your home.

Creating Vignettes – A Beginners Guide

There are a few hints and tips that will help you create beautiful vignettes time and time again.

Use An Odd Number of Items In Your Vignette


Lemon Stripes

Firstly vignettes are typically made up of an odd number of items. When you remember that a vignette is to be a focal point, odd items draw the eye, hence the typical use of 3, 5, or 7 items. In truth a vignette could be created using any number of items, but as my first tip, and odd number will help create a more professional result.

Vary The Shapes And Sizes

Likewise when choosing what pieces to make your vignette up with, choose items of varying shapes and sizes. Vignettes made up of several identical size and shape items rarely work, again remembering that you wish to draw the eye to your vignette, use the sizes and shapes of your items to do this. Short tall, skinny and fat it is amazing what shapes and sizes work well together.

Choose Different Colours and Textures

Another trick is to use colours and textures to create the visual interest. Clashing colours and patterns work well, as do similar colours with added texture. Don’t be afraid to inject a little of your own personality into your vignettes, after all this is your home, it should reflect like your personality. As a lover of blue and white, combined with my Dutch heritage, you will find variations of blue and white vignettes all over my home. Not only do I love what it looks like, for me it reflects my personality as well.

Add Depth To Your Vignette


Coco Lapine Design

Adding depth is much easier than it sounds. It can be created by sitting your vignette in a tray, or by adding a piece of art to anchor your display. Use photo frames, trays or something with a solid straight base to help give you the depth when you need it. You’ll know when you need depth, when the vignette despite following all the tips above, get’s lost where it is placed. Adding the depth helps to create the definition.

In my home I have added depth to vignettes on my kitchen bench, my ottoman and the builder’s bedside table.

Remember To Add Light


Lilypad Cottage

Just about all my vignettes have an element of light introduced. I do this by using lamps, and candles. Lighting is not just a functional part of your home, it can be used to create an ambience and warmth. Don’t underestimate the power of light to add to your vignette, even just the suggestion of light, as in an unlit candle.

You could say that creating a vignette is a little like the layering we need in the cooler months. If set out creating your vignette, and you are not entirely happy with it, add a layer or take one away.

That’s it, that is really as simple as it this, but now that you have created your vignette, how about showing it off? Later this week I will have a beginners step by step guide on how to post your vignettes to Instagram!

Do you have any vignettes in your home? What are your favourite colours or patterns to use?

Nicole xxx



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  1. I have one outside thanks to your great advice. Wish I had seen you at Kirsten’s event, next time. I hope 2017 has started off swimmingly for you my lovely xx

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