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Creating A Library At Home

Creating A Library At Home

This post is written in collaboration with Temple and Webster.

One of the most popular rooms in our home with the residents and visitors alike, is our library. In fact this room is a dream of mine come true. We have been thoroughly blessed with such a divine space in which to create a room that is both meaningful and practical for our family and our business. Creating a library at home, is actually really simple.

But if you do not have an entire room to devote to be your own library, how could you create a library space in your own home?

Creating A Home Library



For me a library is all about two key elements, the shelves filled with books and pretties and somewhere inviting to sit. Both of these elements are easy to replicate in any home.

Library Room View


Shelves for a library do not need to be built in, this gorgeous library belonging to Kylie from DIY-Decorator has a shelving unit with a built in bench seat.

Library’s don’t need to be big either, a small corner of a room could be used, and they also don’t need to house big white shelves like the two above, there are many different styles of shelves available to match in with your current decore like the ones below from Temple and Webster.

TBW Library at home

After choosing your library shelves to match your own style, simply fill with books, maybe adding a vignette or two to keep it pretty, then some comfy seating near by, and you are done. Comfy seating can be created by adding a few cushions or throw rugs to make a current seating nook, chair or sofa more inviting. A library for me is all about the luxury of having books to choose from in your own home and an inviting area to waste away an hour or two reading a good book.

As you can see, creating your own home library is as simple as you would like it to be. It doesn’t need to be big or elaborate to be called a library either. I hope you have found some inspiration to create your own library at home too.

What is the one thing you’ve always dreamed of having in your home? Do you have it?

Nicole xxx




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